Jan 7, 2014

Well Looky Here..."Warming up in Winter"

With winter weather at it's worst right now on the East coast (3 degrees anyone?!)...all I can think about is keeping warm this time of year. The best way to do so is to invest in a warm, but stylish winter coat. The key is to always go for a coat that will keep the heat in, but not sacrifice the personal style of the wearer...something very hard to do when its 35 degrees out, sigh! For inspiration, I of course found my way to LookBook to see what others wear to keep themselves bundled, but every so chic. Here are my favorite looks:

 The weather may not seem so cold by the looks of the photo, but that baby blue wool coat 
makes it seem as though you can wear anything and still keep out the cold.

 Think Pink! And go for a long wool coat with a large collar to keep the cold away.
The bright color will always send away the winter blues.

 This black dress coat with the flared out bottom is so sexy and to die for! 
With a sleek fit, high collar and perfect knee length, it can almost pass for a dress.

 For inspiration, wear your winter coat over your shoulders like a cape.
Stylish and effective, especially with a thick scarf to keep the cold at bay.

 Winter white can make any outfit seem dressed up
The Timberland boots, skull hat and Chanel purse go hand in hand in this cold weather ensemble.
I need to get a white winter dress coat ASAP!

 What's the purpose of owning a winter coat if it isn't leopard print, lol!
This coat looks plush and soft and the style can be seen for miles away.
To tone down a loud coat...always go for an all black everything outfit.

 Gray skies call for a gray coat.
Perfect color pallete against the black sweater and the white winter snow

 I think I really may just pick up a pink winter coat. 
This adds so much life to the outfit that it protects

Mad for plaid? Indeed! This wool jacket looks warm 
and is just colorful enough to even wear in the Fall!
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