Mar 23, 2013

Style Profile..."Giles&Brother x JewelMint"

I am a big fan of the jewelry membership site JewelMint. In an earlier post...I raved about the designs and since then I have order from them frequently. Every piece that I get I instantly fall in love with...whether it's for myself or being bought as a gift for someone else. The creativity is amazing. The site not only designs some of its own jewelry, but also curates some selective pieces from other small business jewelry artists categorized as "The Collective". add the the amazing designs, JewelMint has teamed up with high end designers to create limited edition collections for a new category aptly named the "Studio Series". Their first designer for the collaboration...Philip Crangi of Giles&Brother. Known for his mix of tough metal creations and industrial shapes...the collection is a bit of a twist from JewelMint's usual designs, which I love. I am still completely a tomboy at heart and love mixing tough pieces with soft accents...and this collection hits the spot. Usually the prices for Giles&Brother's jewelry range in the hundreds, but to fit with the otherwise affordable motto of JewelMint...prices range from $29.99- $90. Check out some of the collection below:

Bit Cuff in rose gold and silver
Bit Cuff in Black Leather
Multi Spear Collar 
Spear Cuff
Multi Chain Bit Necklace
Spear Hoops
Spear Ring
Bit Cuff in Gold

Some of the pieces are already sold hurry before they're all gone!! I already ordered the Bit Cuff in gold and the Spear Hoops...I seriously couldn't help myself!!

Mar 19, 2013

Style Profile..."H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection"

Looking for new options to wear out for a night on the town, a wedding or a black-tie affair...H&M has you covered with their new branch of the Conscious Collection line...the elusive "Conscious Exclusive Collection". Made of sustainable material...the new extension of the line is meant to not only be eco-friendly...but glamorously fashionable. Colors of blush, mint, berry, black and white intertwined in a wide array of styles from pantsuits and silken wide-legged pants to long tulle dresses and textured fabrics...this is a collection to admire from H&M. In stores as of April 4, I still have no idea of the prices, but these outfits have definitely caught my eye:

Mar 15, 2013

Some Hairspiration..."Fun with Buns"

I've been in a bun mood lately. It's one of my favorite ways to style my hair...quick and easy and straight to the point, yet it still gives of a flare of being daring but also a dash of elegance...depending on how you style and place it of course, lol. There's just something about buns that I love.  Maybe it's the hiding away of just a bit of your strands but showing just enough. Sky high, super low, to the side, to the front, messy and loose, twisted up or even in a bow...buns are classic and with a variety of ways to wear it...the possibilities are endless!

The Sky High twisted bun...just amazing!
Love this's big and neat
This Loc Bun is's off centered and the blond hair color gives it a life of it's own
Pompadour Bun 
Tracee Ellis Ross...wearing an elegant messy bun...
Bow cute!!
Beyonce with a small top knot bun.
Messy and loose... 
Braided bun style
Twisted Bun it!
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Mar 14, 2013

Style Profile..."Beyonce in Vogue"

I know I'm late on this, but I loved the spread in the March 2013 edition of Vogue featuring the one and only Beyonce. Now...I am not a Beyonce superfan or anything...but girl can give good pose and good face. When all is said and done...she is Queen B indeed!!

All photos:

The outfits that were chosen for this shoot were gorgeous. I am especially taken with the red Alexander McQueen platforms and the Givenchy Spaceship pumps...both completely amazing and unreal in their look and design.

Alexander McQueen Platforms
made of red satin and lucite heels filled with red crystals...these shoes are on fire!!

Givenchy Spaceship Pumps
keeping with the lucite and ankle strap trend, these heels give off a tough yet elegant vibe. Love!

Mar 12, 2013

It's Only Natural..."My Favorite Leave-In Conditioner"

My all time favorite leave-in conditioner
Leave-in conditioner is a must for anyone with hair that needs to stay moisturized. Every time I wash my hair, I separate it into 8 sections and carefully add my leave-in conditioner to it, making sure I work it through from root to tip. Now the thing is, I don't just use any old leave-in conditioner...I make mine using an array of products that combined together, make what I feel...the best leave-in anyone could have. Now...I didn't make up this concoction myself, but I rather made my own version of a tried and true leave-in conditioner recipe created by one of the best YouTube natural hair channel:KimmayTube.

Kim Love, KimmayTube's actual name, started out with typical hair dilemmas that plague woman who are natural (i.e. retaining length and moisture). Her solution was realizing that the hair needs a certain pH balance to get there and having the right leave-in can help to achieve it.

The most important ingredient is Aloe Vera Juice, which acts as a natural conditioner. You will also need a favorite leave-in (try one with a thick consistency), and two types of natural oils (KimmayTube uses castor and jojoba oil).

-Here is my version of KimmayTube's Leave-in Conditioner

Please excuse the look of the bottles...they have been well used, lol 

1. 2 Tablespoons of Leave-in Conditioner. (I use Kinky-Curly Knot Today)

2. 2 Tablespoons Aloe Vera Juice (Whole Fillet is perferred, but I use the Inner Fillet and it works out just as fine). I also use the brand Lily of the Desert, which can be found at health food stores (I found mine in Whole Foods).

3. 2 teaspoons of Vatika Oil.

4. 2 teaspoons Kukunut Oil Elixir (from the brand Curls). I fell in love with the ingredients in it: kukinut, sweet almond and coconut oil mixed with mango and shea butter.

5. Stir until well mixed

6. Store in an air tight container for about a week.

If I feel that the consistency may be a little too oily...I just use 1 teaspoon each of the oils. Sometimes a little will really go a long way when it comes to moisturizing your hair.
All the ingredients together make for an amazing leave-in conditioner. The aloe vera juice helps restore sheen and lustre to your hair and the additional oils help to seal in moisture. The pH balance of the recipe helps to close the hair cuticles and helps eliminate dandruff. I love how it makes my hair feel soooo soft and gets it detangled to perfection. Literally, after using this and getting my hair hair stays soft and shiny until the next hair washing session...which is usually 3-4 weeks after. It's that good to my hair!! I just spritz my hair with water every 3 days and oil my scalp if I feel that its getting a little dry. Try this recipe if you are in need of a new's a must!!
And if you already tried a version of KimmayTube's pH balanced leave-in...How did you like it?