Oct 31, 2012

My Hair Stories..."Straightened Out And Closed In"

My cousin insisted on having her bridesmaids wear their hair in a sleek low bun, with the styling of the swoop up to interpretation. In total, there were 8 of us maids in waiting: 7 bridesmaids and 1 maid of honor, with the dilemma that 4 of us had natural hair. Now I have not had my hair straightened in almost 3 years and while I loved the change...the memory of the heat damage still haunts me to this day (it was like my own personal horror story, fitting for halloween...).
To offset this, I originally opted for a straight weave, which I never had before, with the front of my own hair blown out and lightly straightened, using the MaxiGlide.

Looking a little bit unfamiliar

For the wedding, Nellie put my hair in a low curled bun and created a side sweep of curls that mimicked the form of a flower. I loved the finished look:

Wedding Glam
My cousin Shay and I
 After the wedding, the weather went from pleasant to muggy and the hair that I had straightened, became a big ball of puff...and seeing how much I hate re-straightening my hair in fear of heat damage and how much spent to have my hair done in the first place, I refused to not get my money's worth out of this weave, lol. So I kindly made my way back to Nellie's to have the weave closed to protect the rest of my hair. It's an adjustment seeing as though I'm not used to having my hair straight, but it's a welcomed change none the less and another beautiful hairstyle by Nellie!:

The Life And Times..."Happy Halloween!"

Despite all that is happening around us...Halloween happens to be a personal fave. I love nothing better than to dress up for a day and become something other than the norm. We racked our brains of who we would become and tried to stay away from the usual peek-a-boo outfits that have served us sooo well in the past.
At the last minute, my friend Franny and I decided to pay homage to an oldie but a goodie, of the cartoon cult variety that is...and I think we did a pretty bang up job...if I do say so myself. We headed to a couple of house parties on Saturday in the spirit of Halloween. Can you guess who we were?

We look unimpressed and bored on purpose
Answer and more pics of the night after the jump

Oct 30, 2012

The Life And Times..."Wedding Time!!"

October 14, 2012 was the wedding day of my cousin, Taleshia to her fiancĂ©, John. And while she drove a good portion of the family crazy with her bridezilla rants and antics, it was worth it in the end. Even with the lack of sleep the bridesmaids had to endure, myself included, we did our duties and made sure things went off without incident (they should really give out medals to!). The evening was a beautiful event and she was a beautiful bride!  It was wonderful to participate in such a momentous event in my family and to be able to see love at its best and purest. Here are some pictures of the night:

The Bride before the ceremony

Being given away 
Farrah on her maid of honor duty (keeping the little ones at bay, lol)

You may now kiss the bride... 
Husband and wife!! 

Shay (bride's sister) and myself 
Makia (bride's sister) and Karen
Nellie (my hairdresser), Makia and Karen
Grand Entrance
Entrance continues...
First Dance
The happy couple

My Thoughts On Hurricane Sandy...

I wanted to take the time out to make a post to send my thoughts and prayers to those on the East Coast who have had to endure and were affected in any way by Hurricane Sandy. I myself, reside in New York City and know of the damage that this storm has caused and the lives it has taken. I have been glued to my television screen as much as possible observing the news and am thankful to still have power in my neighborhood, but I have family and friends who have not been so lucky. The damage that occurred in my neighborhood has been a lot of fallen trees, damaged cars and some damaged power lines. A tree fell right in front of my building and blocked the entrance overnight into the early afternoon:

 My neighborhood was one of the lucky ones, but other parts of NY were damaged by flood waters, loss of power and wind. Lives were lost in the fray and sadly some people are still unaccounted for. NYC transit has been affected for a number of days and the local hospital that I currently work for has been flooded and has lost all power, having to transfer hundreds of sick patients to nearby facilities. I am not sure when I will be able to return. Parts of New Jersey were also severely damaged, with significant loss of life and property. I am at a loss for words for the sadness that I feel. Whenever situations like this occur, I try to take my time to understand it and to hope for the best in the aftermath. Life will of course go on and the damage will slowly but surely be will all become a waiting game until then. Please think of those who are in the midst of the damage...and if you were one of the millions are in my thoughts as well.

Oct 7, 2012

Style Profile..."Mango Winter 2013"

The lookbook for the Winter collection from Mango is on ! The simple choice color palate of black, white, grey and gold with just a hint of sparkle is exactly what the doctor ordered. Tweed, sleek silhouettes and modern shapes and patterns are all here. If this is a sample of what we have to look forward to in the collection...I'm all for it. And on a side note, Kate Moss is looking better than ever:

Oct 2, 2012

What I Wore..."Showers for Showers"

As I was choosing an outfit to wear to the bridal shower, it happened to start showering outside...heavily. I was originally going to wear high heels with my outfit and then thought about walking in the rain and quickly X'd that idea right out of my head. I am all about comfort, no matter what I'm wearing and no matter what the weather. Instead I chose to wear little taupe suede booties with a gorgeous coral jersey dress.

Dress: F21; Boots: F21; Necklace: JewelMint; Ring: F21; Bracelet: NastyGal
I loved the silhouette of this dress and how the twist on the side adds a bit of oomph to the otherwise simply designed dress.

The Life And Times..."Bridal Shower"

Sunday was a fun day for my family and I...celebrating the upcoming marriage of my cousin with a bridal shower. Taking place in lower Manhattan on Wall St. We partook in dancing, eating and playing bridal games all in the name of love :) Of course I decided to snap away with my camera and took some shots of the festivities:

The Bride!!

Toilet Paper Wedding dress

Oct 1, 2012

Style Profile..."All Booted Up"

Sorry for the lack of posts of late...I've been busy on bridesmaid duty for my cousin's upcoming nuptials as well as being in madwoman's mode at work. I hate not updating my blog, so I'm trying to be more pro-active on the posting front...promise :)

On Thursday...I found myself at Lord & Taylor, located at 39th and 5th Ave, looking for shoes to wear with my bridesmaid dress and found myself in the midst of a shoe event by Lucky and Clarks, hosted by Bonnie from Flashes of Style (Oh the random moments of living in NYC!)

I tried on a pair of boots from Clarks on Lucky's Love List and received a special gift: their Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style book!

Trying on boots at the event got me thinking of shoe shopping for fall....and boots are definitely a must have for me. Here are a few that caught my eye on my shoe shopping want/wish list:
Style Profile..."All Booted Up"