Feb 27, 2013

The Life and Times..." Hot 97 Who's Next and Kinky Curly"

Last Thursday, Muna and I found our way to SOB's for a Hot 97 event called Who's Next. Hosted by Angie Martinez, the event showcased new musical talent in R&B and was headlined by newcomers Bridget Kelly, RaVaughn and Elle Winston.

Elle Winston performing


We listened to new music and enjoyed the people watching. We also got to see Ne-Yo, who was there supporting his protege RaVaughn. The highlight for me however was the fact that the event just so happened to be sponsored by Kinky Curly, so we were gifted some products from the brand. Muna and I found it hilarious that even though Kinky Curly was handing out gift bags of natural hair products, the brand had barely anyone to give it to...since the event was not hair deep in kinky-curly ladies! But none the less WE were geeked because nothing was better than getting free hair products, especially ones that cost a good amount. And another plus...two of the products were full sized!!

Nice Gift bag
Go Natural!
I was surprised to receive a full two full size products from Kinky-Curly, but I'm glad it was these two. My hair never responded well to the Curling Custard. I happened to survive on Kinky-Curly Knot Today and swear by it for detangling my hair. I also recently started using the Kinky-Curly Come Clean Shampoo, so this will definitely come in handy when I run out. I will do a product review for Come Clean and Knot Today in the next few days to share my thoughts on the product and to express my devotion to Knot Today!

Feb 26, 2013

Well Looky Here..."Beating the Cold Weather Blues..."

Here are a few of my favorite looks this week on Lookbook:

A chunky blue sweater balances out the look of super skinny black coated jeans...
and keeps one warm when sans jacket 
A colorful patterned jacket gives life to an otherwise all black ensemble
Love this colorful patterned suit. The color mix is very unexpected, but beautiful.
The color in those heels don't hurt either
Coral Pants and a white jacket and top are just screaming for spring to hurry itself up!
Warming up winter with a bright yellow coat and floppy orange hat.
The oxblood color pants and sweater along with the bold jewelry add extra depth... 
Dressing up a grey sweatshirt with red pumps and a cobalt blue chain bag...
Pow! Bam! Whop! Indeed :)
Street, colorful, young and sleek all rolled into one.
The nod to old school with the rope chain = awesome
This look is amazing! The shine off of that silver shirt against black pants, peep toe boots and her skin is
out of this world! 
The addition of the black leather jacket takes this outfit from boring white to modern cool

Denim on denim on denim...'nuff said
All photos:

Feb 25, 2013

The Life and Times..."Dark and Lovely Curl Power Celebration"

Last Wednesday, I went to a product release party for Dark and Lovely's new hair care line for coils and curls: Au Naturale. The event was hosted by the one and only Curly Nikki and special guest Marsha Ambrosius (Chrisette Michelle was originally scheduled to appear, but due to illness had to cancel). I really love to attend these events because it is a great way to meet other women who are natural and to celebrate the beauty of wearing your hair as you please. The event was full of so much positive energy and accompanied by live music spun by Amanda Diva, cute photo sessions and video testimonials, hair consultations and enough food and drinks flowing to add to the fun!!

Indeed we do!!

Product display

This I need to try
Insane crowd
Hey Muna!

More pictures after the jump...

Feb 23, 2013

The Life and Times..."A Fashionable Birthday"

My birthday landed on the most dreaded day ever for anyone wanting to party hearty in honor of their day of birth....Wednesday :(. I didn't really want too get to wild and crazy and whatnot since all my friends and family had work and responsibilities, it being in the middle of the week and all. So I just planned for a day of errand running and relaxing until I could live it up on the weekend.
However, my girl MunaMoon wanted to take me to a place I always wanted to go to...NYFW!! How does a girl who loves fashion say no to that...guess what?...they don't! I hurriedly took her up on her offer and found my way to Lincoln Center. I took as many pics as I could as I got to sit in on two runway shows for two talented designers: Zang Toi and B. Michael America.

Muna and I at the Zang Toi runway show
Beautiful jacket
Another beautiful jacket...and sitting down in the white jacket...none other than Cynthia Bailey of RHOA

Loved this coat as well...camel brown  
Floor length gowns are where its at...
Stylish menswear too!
Emerald green will be a true fall trend...
Along with's all about gem tones
Black dress with gold embroidery...absolutely amazing!
Loved this black velvet coat
I didn't get to take many pictures at the B. Michael America show, due to bright lighting, but Muna and I were able to capture probably the best photo of the night there and were literally so geeked for the rest of the night...We ran into our favorite TV mom actress of all time!!....

My Hair Stories..." All Rolled Up In An "S" "

For my birthday on February 13th, I wanted to do a little something different in my hair, but at the same time, I wanted it to be somewhat of the look that I often go for. The best of both worlds...with a twist. I always scout online and in magazines for the inspiration needed to pull off a beautiful natural hairstyle. This time I found my inspiration on Instagram. There are tons of talented people on this popular App site who use it as a means of getting their products and names out there. One of them happens to be the user @Maine_Stream. She constantly has new hair designs that I instantly want to covet...(get it...instantly...Instagram, lol). Since I really don't have the time or motivation to travel to the DMV area to get her to do my hair...I sent a pic to my hairdresser Nellie, for her to try:

Loved this look so much!
photo: @maine_stream on Instagram
 And of course I absolutely loved what Nellie styled as a result of this picture:

 I loved the "S" shaped roll that the style asks's a mix of '40's pin-up glam, with a little bit of attitude. I was excited that it came out just the way that I had envisioned. Never do I ever leave Nellie's chair without a smile on my face :)

Feb 5, 2013

My Birthday Wish List

My Birthday Wish List

My Birthday is next I figured it was the best time to wish for a few things to fill my closet with...and one item to dream about...[You will be mine Celine!...eventually :) ]