Jul 25, 2012

It's Only Natural..."Long Braids/Twists for Summer"

There's just something about the summer that makes me notice that braid and twist extensions are everywhere. I know that these styles are worn all year...but in the summer, extensions, for some reason feel way more fitting to wear. There's a casual beauty to braids and twists that are emphasized by the laid back style that accompanies hot summer days and warm summer nights. Long or super long (the trend of the moment), thick or thin, box braided, kinky or Senegalese eyes are just constantly overwhelmed by the natural inspiration of hairstyles that fill my summer world. Solange even brought back the long braids that she rocked ever so well last summer :

Solange and her Poetic Justice braids
photo: instagram- @mydamnstagrams

I am rocking long twists in my hair for a few weeks, but currently have them up in a low bun and pompadour, which I shall be taking down over the weekend for a little style change ;).  The thing about braids and twists are yes they give you a bit of a break from tending to your own hair everyday, but care must be taken as well :

- Avoid getting extensions that are too heavy or too tight. The risk of damaging your hair is greater and it becoming weak from the extra weight and strain can occur.
- Shampoo and condition your hair and the extensions once every two weeks. This can not only help to keep hair clean and moisturized, but also can help to loosen the braids or twists after they first have been added to your stands.
-Dry your hair with a towel to help soak up most of the water, then use the trick of a T-shirt to soak up the rest of the excess.
- Extensions protect your natural hair, but can also absorb some of your hair's natural moisture, so remember to spray water on the extensions to help penetrate your hair as well as investing in some braid oil spray, but try to avoid those with mineral oil.
- Care for your scalp and oil it as per usual to your own routine.
- Try and sleep in a silk bonnet or on a silk pillow. Rubbing your hair on cotton pillowcases are still not a good idea for the hair regardless of the extensions.
- Don't keep in braid or twist extensions for longer than 2-3 months. If kept in any longer you can risk the chance of your hair locing.

Take a look at some of these braid and twist extensions that I saw while looking at other sights for a little hairspiration this summer :

photo: via -

photo: via-

Another Solange pic for good measure :)

Jul 24, 2012

The Life and Times..."Mimosas and Smiles"

This past Sunday, I went out for brunch with some of my favorite girlies and had a great time. We ended up on the Lower East Side and met up at Macondo, located at 157 E. Houston St. The decor was cute and eclectic, while the food was beyond delish!! They also had a special for flavored mimosas: $11 for 2 hours of unlimited refills (who could say no to that?!) I devoured the Huevos Rancheros, which was soo good, while my friends had a few other items off the menu. The food was so good that for the most part, I forgot to take pictures of it, but I did take pics of the amazing mimosas as well as some snaps of my friends and I:

Guanabana-Elderflower Mimosas: yummy!!

MunaMoon and Sital

Huevos Rancheros: and I ate the entire dish!!

Nicole and Sital

MunaMoon and I

Well Looky Here..."Prints, Studs, and Such"

Here are some cute looks on LookBook this week:

Love the heels!

Neutrals are always an easy, beautiful summer choice...its all in the details

Jul 23, 2012

The Life and Times..."A Family Day Festival"

About a week ago...I found myself in Lake Quassy, CT at an amusement park with the fam, for the 15th annual Merritone Family Fun Day. First of all, I had no idea that this amusement park existed...much less could be found in CT, but it was a pleasant surprise. Roller-coasters and water rides were everywhere as well as my favorite treat of Cotton Candy!! The festival takes place on the amusement park grounds and proceeds go to helping out the hospitals and schools in Jamaica. Always feels good to be part of a cause. I sat back and took in all the sights and events that were around me (despite the crazy rain that occurred on and off all day) and had a great time with my family! I also scored me some really cute earrings to add to my jewelry collection. Here are some pics of my day:

Free Gifts that had the crowd running...

Hand-Crafted jewelry

The beautiful earrings I treated myself to :)

Jul 19, 2012

Product Junkie..."Free Samples from Miss Jessie's"

No...your eyes are not playing tricks on you...the title is for real!! I was perusing Miss Jessie's website and was completely caught off guard by the header for free samples, but I'm gonna assume that I'm really late on this, lol! When I first started going natural, Miss Jessie's was my go to brand for all my styling product needs and while I loved the products...the prices were my biggest turn-off. It was one of the reasons that while I still buy some of the products from time to time, why I stopped buying it as often as I used to.


The option of scooping up free samples is perfect for those who want to try out new products from Miss Jessie's or want to try their products for the first time, without the commitment of buying a $7 for a 2oz container. With the choice of up to 3 free samples, its a win win situation.

My favorite product as of right now is the Super Sweetback Treatment. It leaves my hair very moisturized and easy to comb through and has the sent of Bubblelicious Gum!! And while the 16oz can cost a pretty penny, this is a great alternative to getting to know the product. If you are still looking for a reason to try products from Miss Jessie's...then this is the perfect time!!

Jul 16, 2012

Style Profile..."Melody Ehsani Jewelry"

Jewelry Designer Melody Ehsani

The amazing creations by Melody Ehsani are on fire and I AM IN LOVE!! I've known that her jewelry designs have been around for a few years and has a strong celebrity following, but I am truly captivated by the current available lines that are all over her website. Big, bold jewelry is the MO that Melody lives by and I can't fault her for know what they say...the bigger the better!! Her designs range from gun rings to pineapple earrings and she even does custom creations!!

Pow Gun Ring

Jul 14, 2012

Style Profile..."Loafers and Flats"

I am constantly on my feet at work...whether it's running around solving a problem or just helping out my staff, so my go to shoes for the work week are often flats. I love heels...but they just aren't convenient for my everyday lifestyle. Flats can be just as amazing and beautiful to wear and can add the right amount of pop to your outfit if you select the perfect pair. I always have to update my collection since I wear my flats down in .5 seconds, sooo I have an eye out looking for a new pair at every moment. This season...flats, loafers and cigar slippers are the popping up with amazing colors and designs. From vibrant yellows and greens to polka dots, spikes and embroidery...all perfect for the ending of summer and the upcoming Fall!! Stores like the Gap and Steve Madden are bringing out some great finds and I am about to cop as many of them as I know...for work purposes of course :) !! Here are a few that I love:

Studlyy Flats: silver

Calf Hair Loafers

The Life and Times..."A Change of Scenery"

My posts have been scarce the past two weeks, but I had a few things to catch up on :(. Last week I took a much needed break from my job and went on a mini-vacation to Boston to see some good friends and to get a little change of scenery. I went to college in Boston and travel back every now and again for some catch-up time with my friends who still live in the area. I always enjoy going back because it reminds me of my college days and how much I loved getting to know a different city and what it had to offer.

I spent time in the greater Boston area, the outer suburbs and got to lay out on the local beaches. It was definitely a decent change to the hustle and bustle of NYC as well as my job (which was stressing me out to no end!). I also got a chance to visit a local fair and stuff my face with some great food! I was having a blast being away, but I did miss my NYC.

Here are a few pics from my trip to the Bean!:

Jul 2, 2012

Versace Fall 2012 Couture...

I was so excited to catch a glimpse of the Versace Fall 2012 Couture line. Packing a punch, the collection is a mix of high slits, sparkles, cutouts and pastel colors that are meant to hug every curve of a woman's body. The line is a celebration of details and patterns and is filled with dresses of every length to accommodate the mood of any event and are absolutely beautiful  The Versace Fall 2012 Couture line would be a dream to covet...but alas...I'll keep it as a dream, lol. Here are a few pictures from the collection:

My Hair Stories..."Corkscrewing Around with Twists"

Well...Saturday rolled around and it was time for my hair to be styled. I started thinking about how hot it's been in New York lately and what would be the best hairstyle to combat this annoying heatwave and still look pretty. I skipped my process of Henna this time around due to pure laziness after taking out every cornrow and twist that was placed in my hair three weeks ago(it was a long process by myself...a total of 3 hours). I also figured that I should give my hair a bit of a rest from the Henna for at least one month.

What I had in mind was a protective style that would last and look somewhat different from what I usually get. I perused different hairstyles on the Internet and in magazines to find something to suit what I wanted. I was planning to do a lot of the regular summer activities that take place, such as going to the beach and going in the water. In my mind i needed a hairstyle that was versatile for the season. I finally laid my eyes on a picture that had the kind of hairstlye that I was looking for in my hairspiration post.

No cornrows, but since I don't have locs, just twists and proper placement of my hair would have to do. I was contemplating adding in kinky twist extensions, for easy summer maintainace. Nellie suggested that for the hairstyle, which had a corkscrew effect design that was pinned up, would be great with the added extensions, and when I wanted a different look, I could wear them loose -so I had them added!

The kinky twists were added to the middle of my hair to give it more body for the corkscrew effect and to allow for a seamless addition to give the design a all natural look. The twists were added to the middle and ended an inch after my natural hair stopped. After the twists were complete, Nellie took each twist and started to wind them into a corkscrew pattern and pin each section. A part was created in the front to allow for a little pompadour to be pinned, while the middle twists were twisted together to create rows and were winded into a corkscrew design at the end and pinned up in sections to make a bun.