Jul 25, 2012

It's Only Natural..."Long Braids/Twists for Summer"

There's just something about the summer that makes me notice that braid and twist extensions are everywhere. I know that these styles are worn all year...but in the summer, extensions, for some reason feel way more fitting to wear. There's a casual beauty to braids and twists that are emphasized by the laid back style that accompanies hot summer days and warm summer nights. Long or super long (the trend of the moment), thick or thin, box braided, kinky or Senegalese eyes are just constantly overwhelmed by the natural inspiration of hairstyles that fill my summer world. Solange even brought back the long braids that she rocked ever so well last summer :

Solange and her Poetic Justice braids
photo: instagram- @mydamnstagrams

I am rocking long twists in my hair for a few weeks, but currently have them up in a low bun and pompadour, which I shall be taking down over the weekend for a little style change ;).  The thing about braids and twists are yes they give you a bit of a break from tending to your own hair everyday, but care must be taken as well :

- Avoid getting extensions that are too heavy or too tight. The risk of damaging your hair is greater and it becoming weak from the extra weight and strain can occur.
- Shampoo and condition your hair and the extensions once every two weeks. This can not only help to keep hair clean and moisturized, but also can help to loosen the braids or twists after they first have been added to your stands.
-Dry your hair with a towel to help soak up most of the water, then use the trick of a T-shirt to soak up the rest of the excess.
- Extensions protect your natural hair, but can also absorb some of your hair's natural moisture, so remember to spray water on the extensions to help penetrate your hair as well as investing in some braid oil spray, but try to avoid those with mineral oil.
- Care for your scalp and oil it as per usual to your own routine.
- Try and sleep in a silk bonnet or on a silk pillow. Rubbing your hair on cotton pillowcases are still not a good idea for the hair regardless of the extensions.
- Don't keep in braid or twist extensions for longer than 2-3 months. If kept in any longer you can risk the chance of your hair locing.

Take a look at some of these braid and twist extensions that I saw while looking at other sights for a little hairspiration this summer :

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Another Solange pic for good measure :)

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Beyonce bringing it back in blond braids
photo credit: various sources
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Love the shaven side and box braid combo!
photo: via-'s your hair looking? Are you rocking long braid/twist extensions for the summer?!


  1. Totally for summer! LOVE IT! <3

  2. Thank u so much for this blog.. I love it!!! This summer I will rock the braids with the shaved side look!!

    1. Awww...thank you so much for reading and checking out my blog!! I'm glad that you enjoy it :)

  3. i love this look i have some box braids and im am in love with them i find them so pretty and different and just out their we need more weird pretty hair style like this the shave head with box braids yesssss..

    1. I love them too!! Box Braids are definitely where it's at right now and perfect for the summer!! The shaved head look is also a fave of mine :)

  4. Shave head? Yes! I believe you can pull it off. You make everything look good. :) TAIWOROCK