May 1, 2012

My Hair Stories..."The High Bun"

I have a pretty usual routine when it comes to my hair...after I Henna (I'll show my routine in an upcoming post this week), wash and deep condition...I usually tie my hair up in a scarf and make my way to Brooklyn to get my hair styled. The trip takes 1 1/2 hours from my home in the Bronx to my hairdresser, Nellie, in the Flatbush section of BK, but it's always worth it. I try to go to Nellie's with a style in mind, so to prepare myself, sometimes I look at styles in magazines or off the internet. Other times, I look at styles that were created on relaxed hair and ask her to turn it into a style full of twists and braids. She always delivers and I never leave disappointed, ever. I will eventually put up some pics of previous hairstyles that were created by Nellie, but for now I'll post what I got done over the weekend. I was inspired by the high, full buns that many women have been wearing today. Like I said before, I am all about protective styling, so I asked Nellie to create a bun that was made of twists and braids. With the help of one of her assistants, Esther, my hair was cornrowed up to the crown of my head and the ends were twisted. The middle of my hair was then braided into a ponytail with some added hair and pinned in a circular fashion and lastly my twisted ends were then pinned around the braided ponytail creating the finished looked. I loved the LOVED the results. Since Saturday, I have given out my hairdresser's number to a few people, who loved the style as well.  Here are some pics of the look...hopefully I can keep it for about a month (fingers crossed :) )

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