May 29, 2012

My Hair Stories..."From HairStyles Past"

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I constantly have my hair in twists and braids as a protective styling method. I never have the exact same hairstyle twice (even though as I type, the "High Bun" is currently growing on me as a fav I have to try again!). It always gets me excited to try new styles in my hair, just because I can, lol!  A few weeks ago, I begged my hairdresser, Nellie, to send me pics of my previous hairdos. Since she's usually very busy...I waited patiently to hear a ding from my iPhone to let me know when a pic would arrive. And yesterday...I finally heard the long awaited ding!! Nellie sent me a few so far, but it's enough for one to get a peak into the world of my ever-changing hair. Enjoy!

It was from this style that I created my last work updo

As you can see...I love me some variations of the fauxhawk, lol. More to come!


  1. I love your hair and your style. You truly have flair. Would you be so kind as to share which shop Nellie works in? Thank you!

    1. Hi Alexis! Sure...Nellie's shop is located in Brooklyn, NY. She goes by appointment only, if u inbox me, I'll send you her phone number and address. My email is