May 18, 2012

And Then There Were Floral Jeans...Again

Well I never really thought I would see the day when floral jeans would make a comeback. The last time I remember a large part of the American population walking in flowers, was when Saved By The Bell was Saturday Morning heaven...and Kelly Kapowski reigned supreme: was a simpler time then

I don't know whether to be "so excited" or "so confused" about the resurgence of this fashion trend for 2012 (and for those who know why those are in quotations...I had to, lol). I had a pair of floral jeans when I was around 9 and then owned a floral jean skort when I was 12 (in my defense, it was the 90's and skorts were the best thing invented for tomboys or at least that's what I told my mother), but I never thought they would see the light of day after the 90's ended. Guess I was wrong. I am on the fence, do I like...or do I not like...Ugh! I just don't know.

Now the famous have been rocking them like crazy, in jeans, shorts, and pants (which I think are forgiving, much more wearable and do not remind me of Bayside High, so I give it a pass), but it's like, you look cute...but trends are always a must and a bust, because when all is said and will still have floral jeans in your closet and might look like you are stuck in a time warp.



So Deja do...or Deja Don't?

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