Jun 16, 2014

Well Looky Here..."Skirting the Issue"

It's creeping into summer...with the season only a few days away and with the surge of heat are our outfits. Skirts and dresses are where it's at in the summertime. It's a way to keep cool and look great at the same time. The outfits on LookBook are showing that the ladies are ready for the weather...showing just enough leg to keep up with the temperature. Here are some of my favorite skirt styles on LookBook this week:

               Love, love, love the ethnic pattern of this long skirt. The addition of a plain white button
                               down, tied in the front, leaves all eyes to focus solely on the skirt.
                 The yellow printed headband and red lip pie adds to the beautiful retro feel of the outfit.

                        Denim skirts are baaack! And apparently here to stay. Fringed and looking
                         as if it was cut and sewn from an actual pair of jeans and jelly sandals, this
                     look is a throwback to the 90's with a modern twist thanks to the nave linen shirt.

                  Embroidered patterns and sweet spring/summer colors are complimented with
                                            a brown shoulder bag and brown rimmed hat.

                           Baby doll dresses were a beloved staple of the 90's. Again another
                      resurgence of the trend is here, modernized in a blush tone perfect for spring,
                                            strapped heels tied at the ankle and a cute bag.

                                 Sleek and simple. Black and white goes on all year round

                               Summer days are all about loose crop tops and mid calf floral skirts.

                The green striped shirt and everyday green espadrilles relax the intense sexiness
                                                          of the black leather slit skirt.

                      A sleek white box shaped top works well in proportion to the flouncy full look
                                            of the ice blue skirt. The heels add the finishing touch

                                          A mix and match of color that just screams summer nights!

How are you pairing your skirts for the summer?

Jun 15, 2014

My Hair Stories..."Curly Sue"

I tend to prefer to keep my hair nice and safe during the summer. The heat can be a bit much and hiding my hair in one of my protective styles for part of the warm weather season was definitely the way to go. Now I know weaves are always the safe route, but a straight weave was not on my mind...I have always been more partial to the curly pieces, lol. I went to Nellie's with the hope that she would help me figure out what kind of curly I wanted to be..long and wavy, short and kinky, or somewhere in between.
After quite the search at the hair store...I found my answer....shoulder length and wavy/curly (A good in-between decision). A few hours in the chair and a little bit of a cut to form the overall shape for my newly sewn in hair from Nellie and I was good to go. I loved the results!

I hope to have this hairstyle for most of the summer. I think this look just epitomizes some of the freeness that is associated with the beauty of summer, lol. What do you think of this hairstyle...summer worthy?!

P.S. Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads, grandfather's, mom's who play dual roles and all the father figures out there!!

Jun 14, 2014

Just A Little Something..."Love is Power"

Art via:

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few months. Life has been a bit busy that I couldn't keep up with doing something that I love: Writing on my blog! Here's a little something to tie you over until the next post! I fell in love with this drawing the minute I laid on eyes on it. A heart full of love and a head full of hair....'nuff said! If you know the name of the artist...let me know, would love to give credit!