Jun 15, 2014

My Hair Stories..."Curly Sue"

I tend to prefer to keep my hair nice and safe during the summer. The heat can be a bit much and hiding my hair in one of my protective styles for part of the warm weather season was definitely the way to go. Now I know weaves are always the safe route, but a straight weave was not on my mind...I have always been more partial to the curly pieces, lol. I went to Nellie's with the hope that she would help me figure out what kind of curly I wanted to be..long and wavy, short and kinky, or somewhere in between.
After quite the search at the hair store...I found my answer....shoulder length and wavy/curly (A good in-between decision). A few hours in the chair and a little bit of a cut to form the overall shape for my newly sewn in hair from Nellie and I was good to go. I loved the results!

I hope to have this hairstyle for most of the summer. I think this look just epitomizes some of the freeness that is associated with the beauty of summer, lol. What do you think of this hairstyle...summer worthy?!

P.S. Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads, grandfather's, mom's who play dual roles and all the father figures out there!!

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