Sep 7, 2012

Style Profile..."SKCH +3 Sneakers"

Isabel Marant wedge sneakers

Ever since Isabel Marant decided that having a hidden heel in a pair of sneakers were the business...a majority of the world (including me)...decided it was the business too. However, the price tag of the Marants are out of control for the average shoe loving woman (at about $800 dollars for a pair...I literally cringe at the thought!). In order to fill the want of the everyday woman, many other designers and brands came out of their workrooms to deliver. Marc Jacobs, Ash and Steve Madden are just some of the options that we have to acquire the look.
Steve Madden

Marc Jacobs

Now...for me...I spend money where the purchase can be justified (if only for my own peice of mind). And even those other options were not what enough to make me cop them. The Steve Madden version runs you about $200 (seriously). So one day while I was perusing the September issues... I came across...Sketchers SKCH +3, a new line of sneakers that all have hidden wedges in the sole!

Amazing right!? So nice...I bought it twice, lol!

When I saw them I couldn't wrap my brain around Sketchers having a pair of sneakers that I would even consider owning (no offense Sketchers...), happened and they are so tastefully done that the design and materials don't scream...Ewww...but rather Ahhhhhh, lol! I tried them on and was in in love that I copped two pairs... Black and Black/Natural. And why did I pick up two pairs you may be wondering?! Because not only are they gorgeous, but at $89 each... I could just say that they were justified :)

The SKCH +3 line also comes in a wide array of colors, from pink and orange to grey and blue/red multi. If these sneakers catch your interest...snatch them up before they're gone!!

Up close: Black/Natural

Up close: Black/Black


  1. Have you seen the ads for the "Skch +3 line"? I am looking specifically for the coral ones with the studs on them that are shown in that ad. I cant seem to find it on their website??

    1. I have seen the ads for the line, but I have yet to see those coral ones too. I usually pass by a Sketchers store on my way home, but its not in the window display either...

  2. Ashley - I think the coral ones won't come out until later in December.