Jun 26, 2012

Gold Rushes and Envelopes...

I just had to share this, but I got my order from JewelMint and I love them!! The order took about a week to get to me, but it was definitely worth the wait!

My "Gold Rush" earrings arrived in a cute mint green box and wrapped in a little black sack. The box had a little card inside describing the details of the earrings:

I love the three rows of crystals at the bottom of the hoops. Just the right amount of sparkle for my ears! I shall wear you every chance I get...

My Gold Envelope clutch arrived in a long white box and was carefully wrapped inside had a card describing my purchase as well:

The clutch is the perfect size for carrying just the essentials, i.e.: phone, money, ID's and lipgloss, lol!
I ended up going out to dinner on Saturday night near Christopher Street in Manhattan and had to wear my Gold Rush know...just breaking them in and stuff, the usual...and snapped a few pics of my night:

I spotted this and just had to...So NeNe Leakes is getting a sitcom now...smh

Yummy food at Agave

Tiramisu and Caramello Gelato! (Excuse the shiny nose, summer humidity and all)

Going in for the kill at this point..

Loved the color of my top so much that I had to wear matching lipstick.

It's Only Natural..."Food and Growing Healthy Hair"

You never realize that the whole "you are what you eat" mantra actually has some truth to it until you actually start watching what you eat. In starting the process of growing healthy natural hair, I of course went the route of finding proper hair products, but besides that, I realized that it's not just about what I put on my hair and scalp, but also about what I put n my body. The foundation of healthy new hair growth starts with the nutrients that we eat. Eating the right food, not only helps your body, but can help you grow stronger, healthier hair. Growing up, my mother was always conscious about what she put on my plate, but as I got older, I stopped paying attention. I never took into consideration that everything all adds up in the end. After doing some research on food that contained protein and other nutrients that can help promote growth and hair health, I noticed that I was already eating most of them. The difference is that I just eat way more of it now, lol!

Here's a list of food that can help in anyone's journey for healthy hair:

  • Beans: I eat beans almost every single day. My mother always made them with every meal and I continue to do the same for myself. Beans, especially Kidney beans and lentils, provide protein to promote growth, as well as biotin, zinc and iron.
  • Eggs: Great source of protein and also contains Vitamin B-12 and biotin, which are often found in beauty supplements. Eggs are my fav and no matter how I cook them, I always try to make sure I sneak them into my daily food needs, wether it's in my breakfast or chopped up in a salad.
  • Dark Green Veggies: Dark green vegetables are rich in Vitamins A and C, which helps the body to produce sebum, a natural oily/waxy matter secreted from the hair follicles, that helps keep hair and skin from drying out. Greens to eat: spinach, broccoli and kale.
  • Salmon: Is it odd that I'm not the biggest seafood fan?! I may not eat it often, but I try to incorporate seafood, especially salmon, into my diet as much as I can. Salmon is full of Omega-3 fatty acids, which aids in scalp health. Salmon also contains Vitamin B-12 and iron.
  • Poultry: Full of protein, chicken and turkey are great food to consume to help with growing healthy, strong hair.
  • Dairy: Milk and yogurt are excellent sources of calcium, which is important for hair growth. 
  • Nuts: Who would have thought huh? Walnuts, almonds, pecans, and cashews are full of zinc. Zinc is a part of maintaining healthy hair, since a deficiency in zinc can lead to the shedding of hair. I always keep a bag of almonds in my drawer at work, for the munchies! 

Jun 23, 2012

Taking You on a Resort of Sorts...

It's that time of year when the designers' come out and play with the season to give us looks for their Resort collections. Easy, breezy and sophisticated is what the Resort 2013 collections are all about. I always look forward to the release of the collections, because it gives me a little inspiration for summer! Here are some of my favs...and sorry in advance, but there are gonna be A LOT of pictures, lol! :

(Love the volume and color of the skirt)

Rag & Bone
 (Leather and of my fav combos)

Roland Mouret
(The flowy top is beautiful) 

Prabal Gurung
(the color and off the shoulder play is wonderful)

The Life And Times..."CurlBox and Karen's Body Beautiful Meet-up"

I had the pleasure of going to a natural hair meet-up on Thursday evening sponsored by CurlBox and Karen's Body Beautiful in Brooklyn, located at 463 Myrtle Ave. I did a post a while back, here, reviewing one of my favorite products from Karen's Body Beautiful, the amazing Sweet Ambrosia, a leave-in conditioner that is a staple in my arsenal of products. The event was a way to get the word out and support the advancement of Karen's shop and her array of hair and body products. The event was from 6pm-9pm, and I arrived around 7:30pm to be the witness to a rather intimidatingly long line full of naturalistas, waiting to get into the shop. I waited, despite the blazing heat that took over NYC this week, and was able to meet some pretty amazing people on the line and inside the shop. Once we went inside we were surrounded by other naturals and products that KBB had to offer, as well as drinks to sip on! It was great to talk to those who attended and it was a great way to try and get the word out for my blog :) My phone ended up dying somewhere along the way of waiting on the line and getting in the shop so I had to compile my pics with some from other bloggers who were at the event! (Note to self: it's time to buy one of those super fancy cameras, lol). Enjoy!

Two event goers and myself waiting on line.
photo:, credit: S. Shaw
A glimpse at the long line that curved around the corner of the block!
photo:, credit: S. Shaw

My girl MunaMoon and I before we went inside the shop. (And the beautiful dress she's wearing...she made it!!)

Jun 18, 2012

My Hair Stories..."Just Braid, Twist and Roll"

I took a few pics of the current hairstyle that I'm wearing. As usual, it's all about protective styling and my beloved braids and twists. I went for a twisty French Roll with a little pompadour in the front.

I love this style, for work and for versatile!! And it gives me the option of taking down the de twists and creating a different look...the twists fall to one side, so it kind of looks like one side of my head has been shaved :)

On another note....I bought these shoes the other day and love them to death!! Super comfy flats are my favorite for work...

 Hope everyone had a great Monday (instead of a case of THE Mondays)!!

Jun 16, 2012

Well Looky Here..."Warm Weather Time"

Bring on the warm weather!! Some of my favorite looks on LookBook this week:

Mint and snakeskin...nuff said

Love the lime green and brown accessory combo

Black day to night

The mixing of prints and color are great!

Love the front slit

Floral skirts...something I have to acquire for my closet

Airy and light, with just a hint of sparkle make for a simply beautiful outfit

T-strap heels and a casual yet dressy top and pair of shorts are great for a day to night look

The coral color of the dress is beautiful and the cross pleating in the front is an amazing accent 

Cobalt blue and cut-out sides

Prints on prints on prints

Gorgeous detailing in the neckline and the cut-out back and high slit just add to the elegance of this dress

Love the pop of red in the shoes and blazer to off set the pale DIY shorts

Love the V-cut back!

White and Fushia...great for daytime dress up!

Love the lace shorts and casual top and cam never go wrong with cream and beige.

I feel like I own this entire outfit, lol!
all photos:

It's All About The Jewels...

In a previous post, I did a bit of a review of the ShoeMint line. Since then, I've been in a Mint craze. My next obsession happens to be all about JewelMint, a site dedicated to bringing it's costumers all things jewelry for a very reasonable price of about 29.99 a piece, with some exceptions, of course. The line is the creative genius of actress Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter. Now, this site has been around for a while and I'm sure you all may have heard of it, but their recent collections have me smiling from ear to ear. I have an obsession with accessories, which to me often are the icing on the cake for every outfit and can change it up for better or if done horribly wrong...for the worst. But taking a peak at the latest designs have made part of my day. Here is a peek of some of my favs:

JewelMint- Smooth Sailing Necklace

JewelMint- Moonbeam Ring

JewelMint- Roma Bracelet

JewelMint- Gold Rush Earrings

JewelMint- Mod Moons Bracelet

JewelMint- Dane City Bracelet

JewelMint- Cinema Americano

JewelMint-Legacy Ring

JewelMint- Revolution Rings

JewelMint-Envelope Case in Gold and Silver

JewelMint- Bound To You Chain

JewelMint- Neon Colorblock Clutch

JewelMint- Royal Ascot Ring
all photos:,
Love, Love, Love these!! I recently ordered the Envelope Case in Gold and the Gold Rush Earrings. I was in awe of those amazing details in both items, but afterwards I realized that the strap for the Envelope Case was actually sold separately as the Bound to You Chain (Boooo!! and Yay!! because I have to order that next, but it's like a three for one since it can be worn as a necklace and wrap around bracelet as well.) Check out the collection to find your favs...