Jan 23, 2013

Well Looky Here..."Winter Fling"

Here are a few of my favorite looks on LookBook this week:

Black pants and studded boots, a red collar shirt and a snow white sweater just screams...let it snow!
All black where my heart is. And with gold studs, the cute cap and leather everywhere its going to stay!  I could completely see myself in this outfit :)
A full brown leather skirt and matching boots give a patterned sweater new life
The Shearling leather jacket and a Mickey inspired wool hat is warm and quirky

Jan 21, 2013

Some Hairspiration..."January Days"

After wearing a weave for the past 3 1/2 months...Nothing gets me inspired to do more with my hair than seeing other women do their own thing with what they've got. After finally removing the weave, I realized just how much I missed seeing and experiencing the different styles that I loved to do with my hair. So let braids, twists, fros and curls be your inspiration this January. Enjoy!

Loose box braid extensions are a beautiful way to protective style natural hair
photo via:

Freedom can be found in the most unlikely places...a carefully styled fro of curls is one of them
photo via:

A flattop with just the right amount of color can expand the look from tomboyish to simply girly
photo via:

A natural bouffant is wild and gorgeous. Just blowout and pin to create the style
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Jan 20, 2013

Style Profile..."Rihanna And Complex Magazine"

In honor of the release of her seventh studio album, Complex magazine did a photo spread of Rihanna in an array of poses in tribute to all of her albums.

Each pose showing the essence of what her albums were about:

Here's a link to the interview for the photoshoot- Rihanna: Full Exposure 
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