Nov 25, 2012

It's Only Natural..."Tips For Curly Hair And Winter Weather"

With the changing of the seasons, new issues always arise with curly/kinky hair. In the spring/summer its frizz...while in the fall/winter it's the concern of dry, brittle hair. Wind, snow and cold air are the enemies of the season and the harsh conditions that come with the winter time can wreck damage on our already fragile hair. Here are a few tips that I live by during the colder months:

  • Condition, Condition and Condition: Conditioning is a step that is done all year round when caring for curly hair, but in the winter is especially crucial to keep curly/kinky hair healthy and moisturized. Your hair will hold onto the moisture that it needs to combat the dryness that can occur and frizzing as well.
  • Shampoo Less Often: Due to colder weather, your scalp tends to produce less sebum, which can cause for drier hair. Curls will need to hold onto whatever natural oils that it already has. Shampoo is known for cleansing and stripping strands of oil. To keep dryness at bay, opt for sulfate-free shampoos and shampoo hair less often than you would during the warmer months.
  • Moisturize Hair: Moisturizing your hair as much as possible is important to give it the moisture that is lost on daily basis.
  • Use Creamier Styling Aides: Gels are not really a plus in the winter, the ingredients can cause for a drying hair experience that can end in unwanted breakage. Instead of gel and gel-like products, reach for puddings, butters and creams. They hold the right amount of rich moisture that curly/kinky hair is craving in the winter. The fact that these products tend to be heavier, it's important to play around with the amount of that your hair will require to stay moisturized without being weighed down. 
  • Protective Styling: Something that I live by all year long, but during the winter months this method of hairstyling allows for the ends of your hair to be hidden away from the harsher, drying elements. This will allow for your hair to retain moisture and help to hold on to length that can otherwise be damaged by the season. Buns, updos, braids, twists, and weaves are all great alternatives to wearing your hair out and free. And with the ever growing abundance of styling options...the possibilities are endless!

Nov 18, 2012

Style Profile..."H&M...Into The Black"

I just fell in love with this Ad Campaign for H&M...I am obsessed with all things leather and a little bit of grunge (maybe it's the mid 90's pre-teen/teenager in me) and the look of hard mixed with soft pieces. There's a warmth that just draws me in....not to mention the black&white photography and grayscale is amazing!!

Nov 6, 2012

The Resilient New York City...

After witnessing the devastation of Hurricane Sandy...I thought about how strong of a state New York is. We have endured a lot of horrible things and matter what...are able to bounce step at a time. Many people in New York are still struggling in the aftermath, but I have faith and it stems from a feeling of love and strength that I have for my city. The entire tri-state area and East Coast has been torn down by this storm...but I know that they will slowly piece themselves back together.
Once the trains were up and running...I took my Nikon to the city and to the center of it all...Times snap a few pics and admire the energy and the people with hope for the usual busy streets. And it was then that I was reminded...that even in darkness and in times of sadness...there is always life, light and the city that never sleeps.

all photos: property of thekinkynewyorker

P.S. Today is November 6, 2012, Election Day,....Please go out and exercise the importance of your right to vote!!

Nov 1, 2012

Well Looky Here..."Falling for Fall"

A peek at some of my favorite looks on Lookbook:

Using a fleece vest as a layering piece and the hint of color in the oxblood booties adds the right amount of pop and warmth
Black on black on grey...
My obsession with leather is being filled with this outfit...
Blue, purple and dash of pink adds fun to the simple sophistication 
Bright yellow, red, leopard print and hot pink...surprisingly refreshing for fall!!
A camel colored wool coat and floppy hat gives off a laid back sophisticated feel
Cable-knit sweaters and leggings are a personal fav and I have a soft spot for those boots... (I want a pair!!)
Love the military and leather sleeve jackets for fall
A camel mid-thigh skirt and lady like bag adds a girly vibe to a plaid shirt.
Tweed and leather...
Grey and periwinkle blue...muted tones give the effect of a cold and rainy day
Neon green...a little pep for the all over black look. (I secretly wish for a Celine bag as well...a girl can dream, lol)
Love the layering of sweaters over a delicate dress. The booties add a casual vibe to it as well
Mustard is a beautiful warm color for fall to add some life to the usual black and grey.  And the bag and jacket... =)
(all photos: