Nov 1, 2012

Well Looky Here..."Falling for Fall"

A peek at some of my favorite looks on Lookbook:

Using a fleece vest as a layering piece and the hint of color in the oxblood booties adds the right amount of pop and warmth
Black on black on grey...
My obsession with leather is being filled with this outfit...
Blue, purple and dash of pink adds fun to the simple sophistication 
Bright yellow, red, leopard print and hot pink...surprisingly refreshing for fall!!
A camel colored wool coat and floppy hat gives off a laid back sophisticated feel
Cable-knit sweaters and leggings are a personal fav and I have a soft spot for those boots... (I want a pair!!)
Love the military and leather sleeve jackets for fall
A camel mid-thigh skirt and lady like bag adds a girly vibe to a plaid shirt.
Tweed and leather...
Grey and periwinkle blue...muted tones give the effect of a cold and rainy day
Neon green...a little pep for the all over black look. (I secretly wish for a Celine bag as well...a girl can dream, lol)
Love the layering of sweaters over a delicate dress. The booties add a casual vibe to it as well
Mustard is a beautiful warm color for fall to add some life to the usual black and grey.  And the bag and jacket... =)
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