Nov 6, 2012

The Resilient New York City...

After witnessing the devastation of Hurricane Sandy...I thought about how strong of a state New York is. We have endured a lot of horrible things and matter what...are able to bounce step at a time. Many people in New York are still struggling in the aftermath, but I have faith and it stems from a feeling of love and strength that I have for my city. The entire tri-state area and East Coast has been torn down by this storm...but I know that they will slowly piece themselves back together.
Once the trains were up and running...I took my Nikon to the city and to the center of it all...Times snap a few pics and admire the energy and the people with hope for the usual busy streets. And it was then that I was reminded...that even in darkness and in times of sadness...there is always life, light and the city that never sleeps.

all photos: property of thekinkynewyorker

P.S. Today is November 6, 2012, Election Day,....Please go out and exercise the importance of your right to vote!!

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