Sep 17, 2012

It's Only Natural..."Oils and Natural Hair"

When it comes to having well nourished and moisturized hair, it's important to put a focus on not only the process of cleansing and conditioning, but what you put in your hair afterwards to help keep it that way. The use of hair oils can help aide in achieving and maintaining the hair you want. And while we can find a lot of these products in hair and beauty stores...we can also find some of these products in a very unlikely place...such as the grocery store! Natural oils are often found in a wide variety of company made hair oils, leave-ins and hairdressers, but sometimes the best way to get the most out of something is from the purest form of it. The natural oils of olive, avocado, coconut and others can help lead to having and keeping shiny, stronger, softer and healthier hair. Besides swearing by Vatika Enriched Coconut oil, I also use oilve oil and black castor and love the results! Here's a list of some natural oils that can do wonders for your hair:

  • Sweet Almond Oil: While smoothing the hair cuticles to help control shedding, it helps nourish and promote hair growth, shine and thickness.
  • Olive Oil: Remember to use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I often use this if I'm in need of a good all natural deep conditioning and it was also the first natural oil that I used religiously when I first started going natural. It helps control dandruff, moisturizes and gives hair that needed strength.
  • Castor Oil: Can help to promote hair growth, thickens hair, moisturizes, reduces split ends and helps prevent scalp infections. Castor oil also helps  prevent thinning. There was a point in my youth when I wore ponytails sooo often that my hair was literally thinning like crazy and castor oil, specifically, Jamaican Black castor oil, helped stop the thinning and promoted hair growth to give me back my beloved strands.
  • Coconut Oil: Or the wonder oil, as I like to call it, helps to strengthen, moisturize, thicken and prevent damage to hair. It helps aide in the prevention of dandruff and but of course promotes hair growth. 
  • Avocado Oil: I have only used avocado oil a few times in my own hair, but reading the benefits may just have me reaching for it a little bit more, lol. It's great for creating more shine, moisturizing and strengthening hair. Avocado oil is also an alternative to use for deep conditioning.
I am always on the lookout for new oils to try and to reap the benefits of it as well. What oils do you use or recommend?


  1. I want to make a natural hair oil mixture for my relaxed hair. I'm considering the following ingredients: jojoba, shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil and avocado oil. Are these good ingredients? should i add anything else? should i leave something out? whats your experience, if any?
    Jamaican Black Castor

    1. Hi Marisha,
      Those are all great ingredients, but mixing them all together may create a heaving oil treatment that can weigh down your hair. From my experience, when I first started using natural oils I would mix everything I could find and it just made my hair a greasy mess. To lessen this effect, I mix only certain oils together to get better results for my hair. Coconut oil is a great start for a natural oil mixture, due to its amazing properties. I would recommend mixing the coconut oil with some jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. You can also add one or two drops of lavender or rosemary oil which can help with scalp circulation. Jamaican black castor oil and plain castor oil are also great natural oils that can be beneficial to hair health. Due to its thickness, you may want to mix it with a much lighter oil, such as sweet almond oil and avocado oil. Each oil has its own properties that can help your hair maintain moisture, strength and health. Hopefully this helps. Take care!