Sep 5, 2012

Style Profile..."Fashion's Night Out"

So tomorrow night is the 4th annual Fashion's Night Out in NYC!! For those who are familiar, FNO is a way to get the country and the world out and about in the name of fashion and while doing, mingle, drink, eat and meet designers and celebrities who are all about getting us to appreciate the excitement too!! I've been to the event every year so far and while I don't always buy something, going out and getting into the mix of things brings a smile to my face...although I am a bit turned off by the crazy crowds that appear ( I may like being in the midst of things, but I'm not a fan of mayhem!). So many stores in NYC are participating, including: H&M, Bloomingdale's, Zara, Saks Fifth and many more!! It's a fashion extravaganza!!! Check out for participating cities and countries.

Every year Fashion's Night Out also sells cute shirts and accessories for the much loved event. Here are a few of the items for this year:

Tote: Black/Cream -$50

T-Shirt: Black/White -$30

Tote: Navy/Black/Cream- $50
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