Jul 31, 2013

Well Looky Here..."Summer Brights"

Summer is all about hot days and hot nights, not to mention wearing colors that are loud and bright! I love seeing and getting inspiration from everyone and everywhere as the summer continues to bring out the boldest and brightest colors and outfits. Here are my favorite looks on LookBook this week:

Yellow is always a summer favorite. Add in white shorts and it's summer perfect!
Tropical print pants add an amazing pop to an orange blouse. The mint green cap toe
heels give off head to toe color.
A Tropical print mid drift top and a tropical high waisted skirt are the perfect daytime
Red, red, red!! Sexy and playful for day and night. The floral print pants add to the
casual feel
A Summertime blue blouse that's airy and light and flare jeans...
how I have forgotten how great flares are!!
The tiny robin egg blue purse is delicate and cute to finish off the look
I love this orange shorts suit. Wearing it with a white bustier top gives an otherwise
casual business outfit a bit of fun
Love the blue dress and multicolored heels
all photos:

Jul 30, 2013

What I Wore..."Blue Brunch"

With clouds above...I opted for a brunch friendly look that could go from mid-day to night. A loose fitting navy blue tank, a patterned white, black and navy blue skirt and black sandals fit the mood perfectly!

tank: F21; skirt: Zara; sandals: Zara; necklace and bracelets: F21; satchel: Louis Vuitton

The Life And Times..."Brunch With Friends"

I hadn't been to a summer brunch in a while, so a few of my girls and I went looking for a new place to try out. We came across an advertisement for a social group that arranges gatherings for friends and strangers alike to meet and enjoy each others company. The group called Fun with Friends, had a brunch on Sunday at the View of the World Terrace Club as part of their We Own the Summer events. Unlimited drinks and brunch...seriously....what could be better!!

Nicole and I
MunaMoon and Jenn 
Brunch and drinks!!
The view
Hey MunaMoon!!

Follow fun with friends on instagram for more events: @fwfnyc

Jul 25, 2013

My Hair Stories..."Long Twists and Cornrows"

So I am clearly obsessed with long twists this summer. I figured since it's still hot and summer is alive and well...I needed to give my twists another go, but this time....with a twist, lol!! I really, really admire the whole shaved sides with long twists look, but I couldn't give into that kind of least not yet. So I opted for a safe alternative that was also work friendly. I decided to have one side of my head cornrowed to mimic the look of a shaved side. I told my hairdresser Nellie my overall idea for my look and she was excited to have her staff work on it. And as usual...I was beyond thrilled with the results!

My hairdresser Nellie was completely inspired by my first go at long twists and decided that she had wanted to give the style a try. When I came in for my appointment she was midway into styling her hair as well with the help of one of her staff. Adding in different color exstentions, and having both sides cornrowed, here are her finished results:

What I Wore..."Orange Sunset"

dress: MNG, flats: Zara, bracelets and studs: H&M, necklace: F21, bag: London Fog

Last week was sooo hot in New York that I had to take a walk near the pier downtown to take in some of the cool sea breeze. My friend Muna Moon and I took a trip there after attending an event for designer Nadia Tarr (which I will post about later, promise!!). I decided to get into the summer heatwave spirit by wearing a bright orange dress and cute leopard print flats to add in a little pop to the solid color of my dress. Simple gold studs, bracelets and a gold necklace finished off this work appropriate summer look.

Jul 17, 2013

Beauty Profile..."Lipstick Finds: RiRi Hearts MAC and Up The Amp"

I'm not much of a makeup wearer, but I've been inspired to expand what I own and venture out in new vibrant colors that I often would never dream of wearing. I found myself perusing the MAC cosmetics line and fell in love with the RiRi Hearts MAC Summer collection and specifically the lip color Heaux ( pronounced "Ho").

It's described as a retro matte berry color. Now I love matte and love berry, so I had to snag it, no questions asked! It took 25 minutes to get one lipstick into my online basket and was on a wait list for it to actually be delivered to me 3 weeks later, but receiving it was well worth the wait!

I loved the shade, although the photos don't do it as much justice as in person. It complements basically every skintone. The retro matte finish also goes on smoothly and gives off a simple elegant vibe. I also thought the addition of RiRi's signature to be a cute touch for the collection.

I also snagged the super bright lavender color, Up The Amp. I got this as a substitute for RiRi Boy, which at the time was sold out and heard the colors were very similar, only the finish changed the outcome.  Shiny and highly pigmented, I was scared at first to own such a color, but I was surprised at how well it went with my complexion.

Up The Amp
Here is a swatch of the two colors on my hand for reference:

Can't wait to wear these two all summer long!!

Jul 11, 2013

Just A Little Something..."A Picture Perfect Painting"

photo: via from 
I stumbled upon this on Tumblr. I absolutely love this's out of control beautiful in my opinion! There is so much expression in her eyes. I need to own something like this ASAP :)