Jul 25, 2013

My Hair Stories..."Long Twists and Cornrows"

So I am clearly obsessed with long twists this summer. I figured since it's still hot and summer is alive and well...I needed to give my twists another go, but this time....with a twist, lol!! I really, really admire the whole shaved sides with long twists look, but I couldn't give into that kind of least not yet. So I opted for a safe alternative that was also work friendly. I decided to have one side of my head cornrowed to mimic the look of a shaved side. I told my hairdresser Nellie my overall idea for my look and she was excited to have her staff work on it. And as usual...I was beyond thrilled with the results!

My hairdresser Nellie was completely inspired by my first go at long twists and decided that she had wanted to give the style a try. When I came in for my appointment she was midway into styling her hair as well with the help of one of her staff. Adding in different color exstentions, and having both sides cornrowed, here are her finished results:

Here's to amazing summer braids and twists!! How are you styling your hair this summer?

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  1. beautiful ! by any chance do you remember what hair you used for this hairstyle?