Jul 17, 2013

Beauty Profile..."Lipstick Finds: RiRi Hearts MAC and Up The Amp"

I'm not much of a makeup wearer, but I've been inspired to expand what I own and venture out in new vibrant colors that I often would never dream of wearing. I found myself perusing the MAC cosmetics line and fell in love with the RiRi Hearts MAC Summer collection and specifically the lip color Heaux ( pronounced "Ho").

It's described as a retro matte berry color. Now I love matte and love berry, so I had to snag it, no questions asked! It took 25 minutes to get one lipstick into my online basket and was on a wait list for it to actually be delivered to me 3 weeks later, but receiving it was well worth the wait!

I loved the shade, although the photos don't do it as much justice as in person. It complements basically every skintone. The retro matte finish also goes on smoothly and gives off a simple elegant vibe. I also thought the addition of RiRi's signature to be a cute touch for the collection.

I also snagged the super bright lavender color, Up The Amp. I got this as a substitute for RiRi Boy, which at the time was sold out and heard the colors were very similar, only the finish changed the outcome.  Shiny and highly pigmented, I was scared at first to own such a color, but I was surprised at how well it went with my complexion.

Up The Amp
Here is a swatch of the two colors on my hand for reference:

Can't wait to wear these two all summer long!!

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