Oct 31, 2012

My Hair Stories..."Straightened Out And Closed In"

My cousin insisted on having her bridesmaids wear their hair in a sleek low bun, with the styling of the swoop up to interpretation. In total, there were 8 of us maids in waiting: 7 bridesmaids and 1 maid of honor, with the dilemma that 4 of us had natural hair. Now I have not had my hair straightened in almost 3 years and while I loved the change...the memory of the heat damage still haunts me to this day (it was like my own personal horror story, fitting for halloween...).
To offset this, I originally opted for a straight weave, which I never had before, with the front of my own hair blown out and lightly straightened, using the MaxiGlide.

Looking a little bit unfamiliar

For the wedding, Nellie put my hair in a low curled bun and created a side sweep of curls that mimicked the form of a flower. I loved the finished look:

Wedding Glam
My cousin Shay and I
 After the wedding, the weather went from pleasant to muggy and the hair that I had straightened, became a big ball of puff...and seeing how much I hate re-straightening my hair in fear of heat damage and how much spent to have my hair done in the first place, I refused to not get my money's worth out of this weave, lol. So I kindly made my way back to Nellie's to have the weave closed to protect the rest of my hair. It's an adjustment seeing as though I'm not used to having my hair straight, but it's a welcomed change none the less and another beautiful hairstyle by Nellie!:

I plan to keep this in for about a month or so and then its back to my beloved natural hair...I already have a few hairstyles in mind and can't wait to try them out!!

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