Oct 30, 2012

My Thoughts On Hurricane Sandy...

I wanted to take the time out to make a post to send my thoughts and prayers to those on the East Coast who have had to endure and were affected in any way by Hurricane Sandy. I myself, reside in New York City and know of the damage that this storm has caused and the lives it has taken. I have been glued to my television screen as much as possible observing the news and am thankful to still have power in my neighborhood, but I have family and friends who have not been so lucky. The damage that occurred in my neighborhood has been a lot of fallen trees, damaged cars and some damaged power lines. A tree fell right in front of my building and blocked the entrance overnight into the early afternoon:

 My neighborhood was one of the lucky ones, but other parts of NY were damaged by flood waters, loss of power and wind. Lives were lost in the fray and sadly some people are still unaccounted for. NYC transit has been affected for a number of days and the local hospital that I currently work for has been flooded and has lost all power, having to transfer hundreds of sick patients to nearby facilities. I am not sure when I will be able to return. Parts of New Jersey were also severely damaged, with significant loss of life and property. I am at a loss for words for the sadness that I feel. Whenever situations like this occur, I try to take my time to understand it and to hope for the best in the aftermath. Life will of course go on and the damage will slowly but surely be will all become a waiting game until then. Please think of those who are in the midst of the damage...and if you were one of the millions are in my thoughts as well.

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