Oct 31, 2012

The Life And Times..."Happy Halloween!"

Despite all that is happening around us...Halloween happens to be a personal fave. I love nothing better than to dress up for a day and become something other than the norm. We racked our brains of who we would become and tried to stay away from the usual peek-a-boo outfits that have served us sooo well in the past.
At the last minute, my friend Franny and I decided to pay homage to an oldie but a goodie, of the cartoon cult variety that is...and I think we did a pretty bang up job...if I do say so myself. We headed to a couple of house parties on Saturday in the spirit of Halloween. Can you guess who we were?

We look unimpressed and bored on purpose
Answer and more pics of the night after the jump

Well if our looking unimpressed did nothing to give it away, we were...

Daria and Jane from the MTV late '90's cartoon Daria!! It was one of my favorite shows when I was in Junior High and High School...I understood cynicism and sarcasm very well at that well as the underlined humor of it all of course!

Some brief pics before my battery on my camera and phone died:

Walking in the Dark
Hey Flo! (and the Lisbeth from Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on the left)
Daria being Daria
Marge and Jane
Homer and Marge (MunaMoon and her Beau, lol)
Scary Clown... 
Freddy Krueger 

Walking through the spiderwebs..
A compilation of the nonsense...
Blood, liquor and darkness
And a Little Devil...
Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    cool looking night