Jun 23, 2012

The Life And Times..."CurlBox and Karen's Body Beautiful Meet-up"

I had the pleasure of going to a natural hair meet-up on Thursday evening sponsored by CurlBox and Karen's Body Beautiful in Brooklyn, located at 463 Myrtle Ave. I did a post a while back, here, reviewing one of my favorite products from Karen's Body Beautiful, the amazing Sweet Ambrosia, a leave-in conditioner that is a staple in my arsenal of products. The event was a way to get the word out and support the advancement of Karen's shop and her array of hair and body products. The event was from 6pm-9pm, and I arrived around 7:30pm to be the witness to a rather intimidatingly long line full of naturalistas, waiting to get into the shop. I waited, despite the blazing heat that took over NYC this week, and was able to meet some pretty amazing people on the line and inside the shop. Once we went inside we were surrounded by other naturals and products that KBB had to offer, as well as drinks to sip on! It was great to talk to those who attended and it was a great way to try and get the word out for my blog :) My phone ended up dying somewhere along the way of waiting on the line and getting in the shop so I had to compile my pics with some from other bloggers who were at the event! (Note to self: it's time to buy one of those super fancy cameras, lol). Enjoy!

Two event goers and myself waiting on line.
photo:, credit: S. Shaw
A glimpse at the long line that curved around the corner of the block!
photo:, credit: S. Shaw

My girl MunaMoon and I before we went inside the shop. (And the beautiful dress she's wearing...she made it!!)

The talented Karen Tappin, owner of Karen's Body Beautiful
photo:, credit: S. Shaw
A photo of Taren916 and I. She has an amazing YouTube Channel. If you are unfamiliar...tune in!

Inside Karen's Body Beautiful
Cipriana of UrbanBushBabes and her twin, TK Wonder!
photo:, credit: S. Shaw
A pic of some of the ladies who attended the event. These ladies were all very sweet and were complementing me on my hair! 
A look at the space

Some of the lovely ladies that attended the event, chillin outside. I had the pleasure of meeting Danie (center) who used to work within the hospital that I work at. We never met prior to this, but she recognized me because of my hair! She also has a YouTube channel: DanieAndTheBloomTV. Check it out!
A pic of a CurlBox and some of KBB products
photo:, credit: S. Shaw
When leaving the shop...attendee's were given a 4oz size of Karen's Body Beautiful "Luscious Locks Hair Mask" to try. I'll do a review of the conditioning treatment within the next week, since my hair is definitely do for a wash and new hair style, lol!

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