Jun 11, 2012

Blogger Love...

I am all about looking at blogs...they are an amazing outlet for creativity and self-expression. It's great to see the amount of love that is put into every blog to let it's readers see a little bit of the blogger themselves and how they want to relate their message to the world. I am constantly looking for new blogs to love, whether it's dedicated to natural hair or to fashion or to everyday life or all of the above. Here's a list of some of the blogs that literally take over my Macbook's Top Sites:

  • Urban Bush Babes- I absolutely love this site that popped up onto the internet last year. The insights of Nikisha and Cipriana are some of my favorites and I always appreciate learning things from these two women.
  • CurlyNikki- This is one of the first blogs dedicated to natural hair that I laid eyes upon and fell in love. I had the opportunity to meet Nikki during a natural hair meet-up last year and truly love this blog even more!
  • HeyFranHey- A blog with information on all things natural...from hair to health. I love the advice that is given by Fran and the picture posts are always drool worthy, lol! I also had the pleasure of meeting her last year and she is just as sweet as she is on her blog.
  • Naturally Obsessed- Another blog dedicated to natural hair care that I love. Shana's hair is thick and beautiful and the techniques that she applies to her hair are worth the look.
  • Hi-imcurrentlyobsessed- A tumblr page full of beautiful submitted pics of women in all their natural goodness that I can't help but take a peek at everyday. Inspiration at it's best!
  • Black Girl Long Hair- Great site for information on all things natural hair.
  • TheFrenzyTV- A blog created by my super talented friend Franny. Filled with her personal thoughts, everyday life and current topics on's a great site to feast your eyes on all things to know and appreciate. I love taking a look at her features and seeing her do big things! She also was kind enough to support the start of my own blog and gave me a much loved shout-out! She's also a new natural head, lol. Check it out!
  • TheMopTopMaven- Although this site is now defunct, I think it is still worth a look for advice on natural hair. Say what you will about Nikole Crowe, but when this site was poppin' was poppin' and I give her credit for that.
  •  Karla's Closet- A blog started by Karla Deras that is one of my favorite to visit. Pictures galore of Karla in some of the most amazing outfits that her mind can create are amazing to look at. She is doing alot with her time...even collaborating with Roman Luxe to put out an amazing collection of jewelry for all to own.
  • Trop Rouge- Model Christina Caradona has this amazing blog filled with pics of her life and her fashion sense. I always like to take a look at what she's posting and wearing, a mixture of high and easy finds from everyday stores.
  • Lookbook- One of my favorite sites for pics of everyday people wearing fabulous clothes.
  • Style Pantry- A great site of personally amazing everday fashion sense by Folake Huntoon. Her style is impeccable and her die for!  
  • Song of Style- Aimee Song has a great sense of fashion and it is always a pleasure to watch her mix and match the clothes that she owns....creating amazing outfits every single time. 

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