May 8, 2013

Style Profile..."Met Gala 2013"

The theme for this year's Met Gala "Punk: Chaos to Couture"was a great surprise as I love all thinks in punk fashion (growing up I worshipped how Gwen Stefani dressed up her punk looks, hard with a soft feminine edge). I seriously need to make my way to that exhibit... Many celebs brought the punk with great flare and with different twists...while others played it a little safe or completely missed the mark.

Here are some of my fave looks from the event:

Rooney Mara is just divine in this dress. The structure with the exposed zipper design is amazing
And her dark lipstick just screams punk
Nicole Richie killed it from head to toe!!!
I want to dye my hair this color :)
Kristen Stewart always does dirty rock n' roll girl well,
but she cleans up way better in this maroon jumpsuit
Chanel Iman brought punk in black and white stripes and pink dyed tips
What a change for Anne Hathaway...I love the sheer sexiness of this look
The punk/ska queen in my book: Gwen Stefani
Taylor Swift showed a different side to her sweet style: dark princess
I love the details on Brooklyn Decker's dress
Solange Knowles did Afro Punk Style :) 
Ginnifer Goodwin looked punk elegant in this dress, makeup and mohawk look
And then there were a few looks that weren't exactly on my favorite list:

I think I know what Kim Kardashian was going for in this look
 but in all the excitement of finally getting an invite, she got lost in the floral fabric from neck to toe.
*Kanye Shrug*
Oh no Nicki!!! Just no :( 
I love Madonna...and she gave exactly what punk is all about: plaid, studs and leather
but I think even for her...this look is just trying a bit too hard.
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