May 27, 2012

Well Looky Here...

When it comes to clothes...I try to look for inspiration everywhere. In nature, in myself, my friends and family and even from complete strangers. Anything and everyone is an inspiration and can invoke some light into any outfit that you wear. I for one welcome it completely. One site that allows people to get inspiration from one another is Lookbook. It's a site made up of pictures submitted by everyday people who want to share their everyday fashion. I absolutely love this site and as of late I've been inspired by a lot of looks...particularly the cutoff/high-heels look...which I am contemplating wearing next weekend (Hopefully to Summer Jam...courtesy of my girl, MunaMoon, lol). Here are a few pics of inspiration for your Memorial Day Weekend:

Love the mint jeans

White absolute must have

Leather, studs, shorts and heels...a mix of cool and dressy/casual

Love these heels and the slit in the skirt

Neon cutoffs and black heels...nuff said.

The skirt in this photo is to die for

I love the shirt and I am obsessed with Converse (I own 5 pairs!)


Love the sporty high heel look!

The pattern on these heels are amazing

I'm in love with this style of shoes...

all photos:
I think I will do a post every now and again having to do with Lookbook...just because, lol!

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