Apr 30, 2012

I Love Her Style..."Rihanna"

When it comes to being a full on Rihanna fan...I'm guilty as charged. I have a soft spot for her catchy music and an even bigger soft spot for her fashion choices. She is all about the different spectrums, the tough, the soft and the glam ,which is something that I myself love. Leather and spikes make my day, just as much as lace and chiffon. She has a devil may care attitude when it comes to clothes and takes risks whenever she can, which can either be a plus or minus (I mean...the girl rocked Tims and a baggy shirt circa 1992, for Pete's sake!), but I love the chances that she takes anyway. Whether it's about wearing a floor length dress to an event or thigh high leather boots for a night on the town, Rihanna has it down pact and with her ever-changing hair to compliment it all, she is a true style chameleon.

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