Apr 10, 2012

My Hair Stories..."The Tale of a Work Updo"

I currently have my hair in a mixture of braids and twists. I had the sides of my hair put in cornrows and the middle and back placed in "smedium" sized twists, which allows me to do a number of hairstyles according to my mood. I love this option, by the way, because it brings me back to the days of my favorite style...the frohawk. I haven't worn it in like 2 1/2 years..and the more I advance at's a little harder for me to get away with the look. To make my work atmosphere happy, I like to wear my hair in "work friendly" hairstyles.
Anyone with natural hair might be feeling my pain. The "can I get away with this at work?" hairstyle. This comes into play when you work in a stuffy environment, or an environment where people just cannot seem to keep their hands to themselves and somehow always end up examining what is growing out of your scalp (I had an incident at work once, where my former Director's fingers found their way into my hair and proceeded to play with it while we were in a front of a majority of the staff!! It was considerably an awkward moment for everyone who witnessed it...not just myself).
So, for this week since I would be finding myself in a Rapid Improvement Project for my department for the next four days, decided to place my twists and braids into a simple updo.

Excuse the frizz that seems to be making an appearance as my twists are due for a tune up, but I do love tucking my hair away in a nice updo. I twisted my hair in two sections, pinned it upward with several bobby pins and left a couple twists out in front to create the look. How do you feel about updos?

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