Apr 6, 2012

I Love Her Style..."Solange Knowles"

Solange Knowles has really stepped up her fashion game since she went natural. She made the bold move of the big chop and chopped away her old style with it, bringing a new kind of bold in it's place. Her sense of style was never on my radar until then, but it sure is now!! I mean...I look at her everyday outfits and wonder if I can get away with it at work, but then I think about it and realize I would have to tone it down...just a bit, lol (I work at a local hospital in NYC as one of the supervisors in my department, so bold is kind of a no-go). I'm in love with her vibrant and playful choices that scream right out at you and I love the fearlessness of her choices. Solange has a way of taking an outfit and bringing it to the next level, without going overboard and she also uses her head of natural hair as an amazing accessory. Every outfit that she dons is a compliment to her full fro of kinks and curls....and i adore it.Whether it's a wig, weave, braids or her own fro, she rocks it like no other. She has become an style icon all her own and everyone, everywhere is taking notice. It's cool and effortless and she never looks like she's trying too hard or even trying for that matter...her style just is and it's amazing :)

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