Apr 4, 2012

Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

Hi everyone! I know...I know...the title of this blog may be a little bit confusing, but bear with me...and if your mind is in the gutter, you can simmer's not the "kinky" that you're thinking of...I'm safely referring to my hair. My natural, kinky, coily, curly hair and as for the New Yorker part...I'm Bronx born and raised. Over the past five years since cutting off my relaxed hair and deciding to go natural, I've learned a lot about "being natural" and about letting go of the hair I became accustomed to having for 15 years. I learned to embrace what grew out of my head for what it was...a kinky, coily, curly discovery waiting to happen (albeit sometimes a messy, annoying and frustrating one). And then it hit me...I wanted to do a blog based on my love of natural hair as well as my love of fashion, my random thoughts and if needs be..bits of my scatter-brained 20-something life (which is sadly winding down by the way...but that's another story entirely). I would always tell myself "today is the day I will start my blog...etc, etc, etc." and well, I never did. Call me lazy, call me scared...maybe a bit of both, but I had one of those now or never moments recently and here I am...on your computer screen, in your face. "But there are plenty of these blogs..." you say.....true, true...and I am a huge fan and supporter of a lot of them, but there is only one of me :)

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