Jul 23, 2012

The Life and Times..."A Family Day Festival"

About a week ago...I found myself in Lake Quassy, CT at an amusement park with the fam, for the 15th annual Merritone Family Fun Day. First of all, I had no idea that this amusement park existed...much less could be found in CT, but it was a pleasant surprise. Roller-coasters and water rides were everywhere as well as my favorite treat of Cotton Candy!! The festival takes place on the amusement park grounds and proceeds go to helping out the hospitals and schools in Jamaica. Always feels good to be part of a cause. I sat back and took in all the sights and events that were around me (despite the crazy rain that occurred on and off all day) and had a great time with my family! I also scored me some really cute earrings to add to my jewelry collection. Here are some pics of my day:

Free Gifts that had the crowd running...

Hand-Crafted jewelry

The beautiful earrings I treated myself to :)

Lake Quassy

Bun and Cheese eating contest (my stomach kindly said no thank you, sooo clawing)

Festival and Saltfish... yum!!

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