Jul 2, 2012

My Hair Stories..."Corkscrewing Around with Twists"

Well...Saturday rolled around and it was time for my hair to be styled. I started thinking about how hot it's been in New York lately and what would be the best hairstyle to combat this annoying heatwave and still look pretty. I skipped my process of Henna this time around due to pure laziness after taking out every cornrow and twist that was placed in my hair three weeks ago(it was a long process by myself...a total of 3 hours). I also figured that I should give my hair a bit of a rest from the Henna for at least one month.

What I had in mind was a protective style that would last and look somewhat different from what I usually get. I perused different hairstyles on the Internet and in magazines to find something to suit what I wanted. I was planning to do a lot of the regular summer activities that take place, such as going to the beach and going in the water. In my mind i needed a hairstyle that was versatile for the season. I finally laid my eyes on a picture that had the kind of hairstlye that I was looking for in my hairspiration post.

No cornrows, but since I don't have locs, just twists and proper placement of my hair would have to do. I was contemplating adding in kinky twist extensions, for easy summer maintainace. Nellie suggested that for the hairstyle, which had a corkscrew effect design that was pinned up, would be great with the added extensions, and when I wanted a different look, I could wear them loose -so I had them added!

The kinky twists were added to the middle of my hair to give it more body for the corkscrew effect and to allow for a seamless addition to give the design a all natural look. The twists were added to the middle and ended an inch after my natural hair stopped. After the twists were complete, Nellie took each twist and started to wind them into a corkscrew pattern and pin each section. A part was created in the front to allow for a little pompadour to be pinned, while the middle twists were twisted together to create rows and were winded into a corkscrew design at the end and pinned up in sections to make a bun.

On a sidenote, while I was sectioning my hair to get ready for shampooing and conditioning, I took a picture to see the progress of my hair growth. It's just a rough estimate since I didn't actually measure the length:

Picture of my stretched hair
Picture of un-streched hair
When wet, my hair has about 85-90% shrinkage and usually only braids and twists can allow for my hair to stretch out unless I apply heat. I mainly just do protective styles to not have to deal with the styling of my hair on an everyday basis, but part of me really wants to wear my hair flowing and free more often.

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