Jul 16, 2012

Style Profile..."Melody Ehsani Jewelry"

Jewelry Designer Melody Ehsani

The amazing creations by Melody Ehsani are on fire and I AM IN LOVE!! I've known that her jewelry designs have been around for a few years and has a strong celebrity following, but I am truly captivated by the current available lines that are all over her website. Big, bold jewelry is the MO that Melody lives by and I can't fault her for know what they say...the bigger the better!! Her designs range from gun rings to pineapple earrings and she even does custom creations!!

Pow Gun Ring

Her designs have been seen on the likes of Monica, Rihanna and Beyonce, to name a few and her price range is very affordable, which is a major plus in my book! In my opinion you can never have too many statement peices at your disposal, but I like to know that I'm not breaking the bank to achieve it! (Not everyone has those celebrity dollar signs above their head, Lol!)

Monica in custom made necklaces
photo credit: various sources

Rihanna wearing the Queen of the Jungle Necklace
photo credit: various sources

Erykah Badu wearing custom made rings
photo credit: various sources

Keri Hilson in a custom made necklace
photo credit: various sources

Melody's jewelry is a beautiful showing of self expression that lets the wearer tell their own story every time. Her creations have gotten my attention for sure and I shall be purchasing a few to add to my jewelry collection, just because I clearly have no shame with my spending issues!

Black Sea Necklace


Chain Pow Gun Necklace

Chainbow Ring

Hollywood Earrings

I'm Fly (Swarovski) Ring

Initial Stud

Isis Earrings

Constellation Earrings

L-O-V-E Rings

Queen of the Jungle Earrings

Queen of the Jungle Necklace, small

Trap Earrings

The Truth Necklace
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