Jul 19, 2012

Product Junkie..."Free Samples from Miss Jessie's"

No...your eyes are not playing tricks on you...the title is for real!! I was perusing Miss Jessie's website and was completely caught off guard by the header for free samples, but I'm gonna assume that I'm really late on this, lol! When I first started going natural, Miss Jessie's was my go to brand for all my styling product needs and while I loved the products...the prices were my biggest turn-off. It was one of the reasons that while I still buy some of the products from time to time, why I stopped buying it as often as I used to.


The option of scooping up free samples is perfect for those who want to try out new products from Miss Jessie's or want to try their products for the first time, without the commitment of buying a $7 for a 2oz container. With the choice of up to 3 free samples, its a win win situation.

My favorite product as of right now is the Super Sweetback Treatment. It leaves my hair very moisturized and easy to comb through and has the sent of Bubblelicious Gum!! And while the 16oz can cost a pretty penny, this is a great alternative to getting to know the product. If you are still looking for a reason to try products from Miss Jessie's...then this is the perfect time!!

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