Feb 23, 2013

My Hair Stories..." All Rolled Up In An "S" "

For my birthday on February 13th, I wanted to do a little something different in my hair, but at the same time, I wanted it to be somewhat of the look that I often go for. The best of both worlds...with a twist. I always scout online and in magazines for the inspiration needed to pull off a beautiful natural hairstyle. This time I found my inspiration on Instagram. There are tons of talented people on this popular App site who use it as a means of getting their products and names out there. One of them happens to be the user @Maine_Stream. She constantly has new hair designs that I instantly want to covet...(get it...instantly...Instagram, lol). Since I really don't have the time or motivation to travel to the DMV area to get her to do my hair...I sent a pic to my hairdresser Nellie, for her to try:

Loved this look so much!
photo: @maine_stream on Instagram
 And of course I absolutely loved what Nellie styled as a result of this picture:

 I loved the "S" shaped roll that the style asks's a mix of '40's pin-up glam, with a little bit of attitude. I was excited that it came out just the way that I had envisioned. Never do I ever leave Nellie's chair without a smile on my face :)

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