Feb 3, 2013

The Life and Times..." Muna's Karaoke Birthday"

Last Thursday, my friends and I went to KoreaTown to celebrate the birthday of my girl, Muna Moon. Since it was a Thursday night, our responsible side decided to partake in the low-key, but fun activity of karaoke! You can never go wrong with that: food, drinks, books upon books of song choices and some microphones = singing mayhem :). Hope you had an amazing birthday Muna!! <3 nbsp="" p="">
A duet by Latifa and birthday girl Muna Moon! 

Birthday Cupcakes from Crumbs 

Sing it Latifa!

Muna Moon and her one and only <3 td="">

Muna, Latifa and Franny getting it in...Do It style!!

The mess that was made...

Happy Birthday!!

Jenn singing her heart out

Just me and the mic...

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