Mar 11, 2013

My Hair Stories..."Two Twisted Buns"

I always enjoy getting my hair done. Just trying to find a new way to style my hair is one of my favorite things to do. I guess I like to express myself through twists and braids, lol. I literally never get the same hairstyle twice...I still have to ask Nellie to send me all of my hair pics, which will be very time consuming for her, I'm sure. 
This time around I was in the mood for a bun hairstyle, but not just a singular bun...I wanted something else. So I decided why not just get two....So nice I did it twice, lol! Cornrowed on the sides and twisted in the front, middle and back...Nellie separated the middle and back twists and created two little buns. And to the front, my twists were pin tucked to the side and intertwined with the top bun. I loved the results! Here are a few pics I took myself of the style:

I noticed in some of the pics, my hair comes off a little red....I think it may be a side effect of using good 'ol henna...

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