Mar 15, 2013

Some Hairspiration..."Fun with Buns"

I've been in a bun mood lately. It's one of my favorite ways to style my hair...quick and easy and straight to the point, yet it still gives of a flare of being daring but also a dash of elegance...depending on how you style and place it of course, lol. There's just something about buns that I love.  Maybe it's the hiding away of just a bit of your strands but showing just enough. Sky high, super low, to the side, to the front, messy and loose, twisted up or even in a bow...buns are classic and with a variety of ways to wear it...the possibilities are endless!

The Sky High twisted bun...just amazing!
Love this's big and neat
This Loc Bun is's off centered and the blond hair color gives it a life of it's own
Pompadour Bun 
Tracee Ellis Ross...wearing an elegant messy bun...
Bow cute!!
Beyonce with a small top knot bun.
Messy and loose... 
Braided bun style
Twisted Bun it!
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