Jan 26, 2014

Beauty Profile..."New MAC Lipstick and Becca Cosmetics"

I love picking up new makeup for my every growing makeup bag. Sephora might as well be my middle name at this point, lol. I picked up two new products, one to replenish what was already used and a brand new one that I have been dying to try!

I have been on a lipstick craze as of late and finally have been able to become more and more comfortable with wearing colors that I normally would shy away from. I was always nervous about having my lips stand out more than they already do naturally, but the older I get, the confidence in what I have been given grows and so does the chance to try something new.
MAC lipstick in Heroine
Here enters the new lipstick Heroine, a M.A.C favorite, this bright, vivid purple/fuchsia color is just what I was looking for. The in your face bold color takes center stage on my full lips against my brown skin and lights up my face. The matte finish is just perfect where it lets the color come through without being too overpowering. Little to no makeup is needed besides a dab of concealer and eyes lined with mascara and black eyeliner. The perfect color for a bright and blessed 2014!

Becca Cosmetics Dual Coverage Compact Concealer 
My second makeup choice was an oldie but a goodie. I'm always on the lookout for the perfect concealer and powder to help enhance my skin tone without looking caked on and super made up. That search alone can be exhausting and stressful. The more makeup brands I try and the more makeup counters I go to cause disappointment and fear (down with the clown makeup!).
Some time late 2012, I was having a terrible time with my skin and breakouts were the norm. Because my use of makeup is minimal for the everyday routine, I needed something to help hide the marks that were taking forever to fade away. I made my way into my favorite makeup chain store Sephora and went on a search for the best concealer for my brown skin. I had a Sephora makeup expert help and after trying on concealer after concealer...I found it! Becca Cosmetics, an Australian brand founded by Rebecca Morrice Williams, has a wide variety of concealers, powders, foundations, blushes and lip colors for every complexion. There is literally a color for every woman! My favorite find in the line is the Dual Coverage Compact Concealer in Almond.  

The color blends perfectly with my skin to a point wear it is almost undetectable. Perfect for my everyday life. Depending on how I want to wear my makeup on a particular day, I can go from Extra to Medium coverage. The choice makes me feel as though I own two different concealers, which I love!
To add to the look, I put on Becca Cosmetics Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation in Mink.

Becca Cosmetics Skin Mineral Powder Foundation in Mink
Love the color! Also comes in a cute carrying pouch!
It blends in with my concealer and complexion so well, it gives me that no makeup look I crave. Extra perfection for my somewhat oil prone skin and the final touch to my everyday face :)

Have you tried Becca Cosmetics and/or M.A.C. lipstick in Heroine? How do you like them?

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