Jan 28, 2014

Something New..."White on White"

There is absolutely something beautiful about wearing white in the wintertime. I looked for white in particular when I was craving something a little casual to add to my closet, which is soon to be cleansed (It's almost time for Spring shopping, although we are only in mid-winter...I need to make room!) I saw a couple cute finds at Zara that fit just what I was looking for and had to get them! Besides...they were on sale...which completely justifies anything, right?!...well, at least for me :)

A pair of sneakers in white, gold and black are versatile in my book and something that I can get a lot of use out of. I also couldn't resist the heel in the sole. I love wedge sneakers! However, I am still a little on the fence about this purchase.

Love the color combo! Shine on!
What do you all think? Keeper?!

I also wanted a nice white jacket. Not quite leather, but faux, I thought this would satisfy . The quilted pattern and gold zips just scream luxe for me and at $79.99, it was a not to be given up!

Perfect for a year round look, White quilted jacket hits the mark in my book!
 Cannot wait to wear this jacket! It's just so cute :)

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