Jan 27, 2014

My Hair Stories..."Kinky Twists and Curls"

After pressing my hair back in November...I needed to give my hair a much deserved break. I wanted to place my hair in a protective style to give it some shelter from the ridiculous cold weather that has been attacking the Northeast as of late (Thank you Polar Vortex!). I opted after washing and deep conditioning my hair...(Yay to no heat damage by the way!!) to place my hair in my beloved kinky twists. I didn't want them to long as I prefer that waist length style for summer, so I was thinking of going more of mid back length. I of course looked through sites and on Instagram to find a style that I could wear all the way through to my birthday and beyond, or at least until sometime in March, lol! I found this hairstyle courstesy of Natural Belle on Instagram:

I just loved the way her curls fall in this photo and was completely inspired to try something similar. I made my way to my hairdresser Nellie in BK, to have one of her girls work their magic:

After 5 hours sitting in a chair...I was pleased with the results! Not as long as the original pic from Natural Belle, but close enough for my liking :) I enjoyed the curls even more about a week later as they dropped a little more and became fuller and longer

Love this look! I will see if this can last as long as I predicted...I have no idea what I will wear for my bday next month otherwise, lol!

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