Jan 9, 2014

Style Profile..."Chanel No. 5 Bag"

My oh My, you both are fine!

Ummm...Yes Please!!  Is literally all I can say about these bags designed by Chanel. Made in the shape of the iconic perfume bottle and hanging from the brands signature chain, these bags are classic and fly all at the same darn time! In Black and Clear Lucite, this is definitely the new IT bag of the season right now.

Rihanna and her No. 5's
photo: various sources

And of course Rihanna got her hands on not one...but BOTH of these beautiful items! This would make sense in every sense of the word, because's Rihanna, a fashion muse in the making. Now for us mere mortals...owning even one of these may be a stretch. The Chanel No. 5 bags retail at a pricey $9,500 each. So unless you are sitting on a large savings account...I think just looking at them will serve me fine, lol! A girl can dream of course ;)

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