Jan 8, 2014

My Hair Stories..."From Straight Lines to a Curly Road"

Earlier in the holiday season last year around late November, I went for a drastic change with my hair, well at least for me, lol. I am always in the mood for a new and different hairstyles. I love seeing what look my hair can achieve every time I turn to look at myself in my hairdressers mirror. Racking my brain, I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do for the next visit to my hairdresser's chair. As I thought and thought about what to do next...I realized that there was something that I hadn't done in 3 years to my hair and decided to press it. Yes...add extreme amounts of heat to my natural hair that I hold so dear to my heart, but I did it, not only for a length check but for a thorough trim as well. I was always used to standing out with my styles so I figured...why not? Normal can be a good change:

Now I was beyond excited with the results and I whipped my hair back and forth as I paraded out of my hairdresser Nellie's salon. I should have known better, that this would not last as I have the most stubborn hair known to man. After a few days in the cold, but high humidity weather found in November, my hair had done everything but revert back to my beloved 'fro. Especially after my trip to San Francisco, my hair ended up looking like this:

The frizz is here...

I flat ironed twice after the frizz reared its ugly head and realized that I could not allow this much heat to come in contact with my hair. The fear of heat damage was real y'all. To salvage the press without using heat, I went another route...and twisted my hair in sections and pin curled every twist before bed to create a style that looked like this:

NYE hair

The technique of twisting and pin curling my hair allowed my press to last for basically an entire month. My hair went from straight, to frizzy, to curly all by figuring out what I could do to my hair without heat. It turned out that I am definitely more comfortable with my protective styles, but the chance to wear my hair out and about....wether straight or curly was a great change from my normal routine.

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