Jan 12, 2014

Some Hairspiration..."Up and Away"

What better way to change up a your hairstyle than to experiment with updos. Easy and elegant all at the same time, you can do just about any with your hair when you pin it up. For work or for play, updos are the perfect solution to a hair rut. Buns, pompadours, and for-hawks...anything can be done as long as you have an arsenal of bobby pins and creativity at your fingertips. Here's some inspiration for your eyes. Enjoy!

                                                         Twisted updo and color galore

                                            Pompadours are the way to go for instant class

                                                             High bun....high style

Putting your long twists into an updo is easy and quick change
From wearing it out

                                         The color in the bangs of this updo is everything.
                                               Ombré will be the answer to any color rut

                                                                   Fro-hawk excellence!

                                           Placing your hair in a high ponytail and twisting it
                                  Into a bun can be the finishing touch to an outfit for a night out

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