Apr 30, 2013

Style Profile..."Trending Overalls"

Overalls and shortalls are making a comeback. I see them in magazines and in stores and it immediately takes me back to the '90's and the rest of my adolescence. Mixed emotions maybe? I'm really not sure. I've come to the very solid conclusion that I may not be participating in the comeback, due to overalls never being my favorite clothing item in my youth. I don't think that will change in my adulthood any time soon, unless it's being worn for painting purposes. And although the style is not for everyone, I do however admire the women who are embracing the resurgence of the trend. Giving sneakers a rest and jazzing them up with sleek heels as well as switching up the fabric from jean to leather are a fun twist on the look. If you're interested in trying out the look...Zara has a wide variety of styles available. Check them out below:

all photos:

So what do you think about overalls....yay or nay?

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