Aug 25, 2012

The Life and Times..."Take Me Out to The Ballgame"

Last weekend was a pretty good one. With summer slowly winding down, it was time to try and pack in as much fun as I could. For me, the best way to do so, is to hang out with some chill, amazing people. A group of my friends from Boston came to New York for a fun little rivalry of watching a Yankees/Red Sox game. Before we found our way to Yankee Stadium, we decided to go for food and drinks at The Stumble Inn, located at 76th Street and 2nd Ave. The joint is famous for their stuffed burgers and rightfully so because those burgers were everything!!! And to top it all off, for the kid in me...they serve  tater tots as a side! We drank some beer, ate some food, laughed and joked and caught up with what was going on lately:

Stuffed Chedder and Jalepeno Burger with a side of tater tots

I am surprised that my arteries didn't clog and fail on me as I ate into this delicious over-the-top burger...MMMM!!
We all felt the need to make fun of our friend Nicole for taking the healthy approach and munching on a salad...sans a burger joint (if only to help justify our own gluttony, lol! :/ )

Afterwards we found our way to the Bronx and Yankee Stadium to watch the game and joke a just a little bit more:

photo: tfadebophotography

Friendly Boston/New York rivalry
Great start to an even better night!!

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