Jun 28, 2013

The Life and Times..."Wale Album Release Party"

On Monday night some of my girls and I found our way over to W.I.P, courtesy of the one and only MunaMoon :). I rarely party on a work's the party pooper in me, lol...but I couldn't pass up a chance to hang out when summer is just so young and fresh. I want to make the most of my days and nights during the season! We listened and danced to great music and were entertained by a few lady dancers who unexpectedly were performing in the club. It was way more than what we had bargained  for, but still an amazing time. Wale made his way into the club in the wee hours of the morning, but I couldn't get a pic due to the huge amount of people in the club :(...Here are a few pics of the night:

In living color...

and Black and White..
Crazy Crowd

Hey Jenn!! 
Nicole, MunaMoon and I
Peeped some amazing pictures/paintings of the one and only late great Aaliyah and had to snap pics:

Back and Forth era

Truly one in a her!! 

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